December 05, 2014 08:00 ET

Four Tips for Shopping Securely This Holiday Season

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Dec. 5, 2014) - With sales during Cyber Monday up again this year, shopping online continues to rein as the favored method for holiday buyers. However, with the period surrounding the holidays recently labeled as the top time of the year for credit card fraud, consumers must continue to guard themselves against cybercriminals.

According to online and mobile payment expert, Rod Hsu of nTrust, there are a number of steps consumers can take to help avoid fraud while shopping online:

1. Avoid counterfeits by doing your research

When it comes time to "Check-out" of the site, make sure that the URL on the "Payments" page of the website includes the company's name, even if redirected to a payment processor site. The URL should start with HTTPS over HTTP, indicating the site has SSL encryption.

2. Use a virtual card

Virtual cards are a new technology that allow shoppers to generate a one-time use credit card number, or virtual card, that can be destroyed seconds after making a purchase. Additionally, because virtual cards are preloaded, the amount of money a fraudster would have access to is minimized, making this payment option extremely low-risk.

3. Monitor your online transactions

From additional fees to overbilling, unauthorized charges are one of the most telltale signs of credit card fraud. It's important to report any unaccounted charges to an issuer immediately, no matter how small the charge. Your issuer will then determine whether to close the account to avoid fraud.

4. Use a credit card instead of debit card

Credit card protections are more secure than those for debit cards, as the fraudster is given entire access to your banking accounts if they get a hold of your debit card, whereas the credit card number holds more limited funds.

For more on how to keep funds secure online, visit: www.nTrust.com

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