Mulligan Tam Pearson

December 29, 2010 15:10 ET

Four Week Old Baby Diagnosed With Cancer Christmas Eve

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Dec. 29, 2010) - Less than a week ago Rebekah Campbell was doing last minute Christmas shopping for her five children. Her newest, little Molly Campbell, was only 4 weeks old. That night, Molly developed a fever and Rebekah rushed her to Victoria General Hospital, leaving Rebekah's husband David to care for their other four young children. After only a few hours in emergency, Molly was diagnosed with Leukemia and rushed to B.C. Children's Hospital by helicopter. The family spent Christmas Eve being told their new baby girl was close to death.

Molly's brother and three sisters had to settle for Christmas over phone as her parents tried to absorb the shattering reality: Molly, one of the youngest leukemia patients ever seen at the hospital, was starting chemotherapy, and would have to stay in hospital for at least six months. She will fight an uphill battle against the cancer that fills her small body. The family, already living a frugal one-income lifestyle, will need to set up some sort of residence in Vancouver and it is likely David will not be able to work. A website has been set up for donations at, and cheques to "Molly Campbell Trust" can be dropped off or mailed to the Canadian Western Bank at 1201 Douglas St., Victoria, BC V8W 2E6.

Molly had been a happy baby, and appeared healthy in the first 28 days of her life. Rebekah commented, "She's the kind of baby who makes people want to have babies." Rebekah and David already had four children, but were overjoyed with their beautiful daughter. Now they have to make decisions, including where they will live, will their 6 year old twins be able to continue at their school, and how will the family survive financially. Today, Molly's brother and sisters are going over on the ferry to see their parents and Molly for the first time in a week – David and Rebekah are determined the family will have a Christmas, even if it is days late in the cancer ward of the hospital.

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