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September 15, 2014 12:23 ET

Four Winds Interactive Launches New Educational Website

New Website Helps Companies Leverage the Latest in Visual Communications

DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - September 15, 2014) - Four Winds Interactive (FWI) announced today the launch of a new website and brand designed to showcase the latest developments in visual communications. The new site, at, features both tools and examples of how interactive and dynamic display technologies are re-shaping how organizations communicate.

The new trend, called "visual communications," refers to the use of an enterprise software platform, like FWI, to control all messaging being displayed to an organization's audiences. Due to continued advances in display hardware and content management software, organizations are able to produce highly impactful messaging across the full array of display technologies now available -- from the largest video wall screens to the smallest personal devices.

The growth of this new industry has taken off in recent years as companies scramble to meet the demands of audiences with high expectations for engagement and impact. Both the website and the new brand reflect FWI's market positioning for enterprise visual communications

"Communicating to audiences in the traditional way just won't cut it in today's information-overload environment," says FWI president and CEO, David Levin. "People's attention spans have actually gotten dramatically shorter in the past decade. Some studies suggest it's dropped to just 8 seconds for any given topic. Companies need to re-think how they can reach their audiences through highly engaging, visual media. Visual communications does that."

The key to leveraging the transformation to visual communications is selecting a software solution with the capability to manage multiple messages on multiple devices -- from digital signs, to desktops and personal devices -- in a straightforward way. The Four Winds Interactive website describes how that can be done, and provides tutorials, graphic examples and case studies to help companies determine the best strategy for their organization.

"The cliché that a picture is worth 1,000 words is even more true today," Levin added. "We can absorb information from a photo or dynamic graphic much more readily than from a printed page. Visual communications enables companies to put their important messages in front of their audiences wherever they are -- gorgeous graphics welcoming visitors in a lobby, key company metrics on a sales floor, company announcements in a break room, restaurant reservation kiosks on a cruise ship, retail promotions in a grocery store or mall, directions pushed to a smart phone inside a medical facility... anywhere there is a screen, impactful messages can be shown."

The new website and branding reflect the company's push to educate organizations about the visual communications revolution. "Our software solutions are progressive and state-of-the-art; we wanted our new website and brand to represent these traits," said Chris Taylor, FWI creative director. "The new logo, design elements and imagery are consistent with our enterprise product offerings."

The rebrand was managed in-house by FWI's creative services team. The website redesign was done by the FWI marketing team in collaboration with a third-party developer.

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