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The Miami Herald

September 14, 2010 19:30 ET

Fourteenth Annual Americas Conference® Focuses on Innovation in the Hemisphere

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - September 14, 2010) - The Americas Conference®, organized by The Miami Herald and The World Bank, opened today at The Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables. Political leaders, economists and analysts from across the region took part in a variety of forums focusing on innovation and economic conditions. Panelists discussed the outlook for the Americas during this crucial time of economic instability and what can be expected in the months ahead.

David Landsberg, president and publisher for the Miami Herald Media Company, and Pamela Cox, vice president for the Latin America and Caribbean Region for The World Bank, opened the conference.

Here's a summary of the conference highlights, with links to more information:

Staking out a middle ground in a highly polarized region, El Salvadoran President Maurico Funes said he was not interested in U.S.-style capitalism or Venezuela-inspired socialism but policies that made his nation "effective and efficient." 

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Arturo Valenzuela said the nation was determined to build a new relationship with Latin America based on mutual trust, regional cooperation and human rights.

Bolivian Minister of Economy and Public Finance, Luis Alberto Arce, spoke about Bolivia's strong economic growth, driven by his government actions that have insulated the country from global disruptions:

Former Peruvian President, Alejandro Toledo, said that he would not rule out a presidential bid in 2011:

Buoyed by high prices for their commodities that helped them recover sooner than expected from the global economic crisis, the economies of Latin America and the Caribbean are poised to grow by as much as 6 percent this year, according to Augusto de la Torre, the World Bank's chief economist for Latin America and the Caribbean:

But too few of the nations that are riding a wave of good economic times have managed to translate those gains to their nations' poor and working class, stated Gerardo Morales, Senate Leader from Argentina and Marcelo Giugale, Director, Economic Policy, Latin America and the Caribbean for The World Bank:

Latin America has a long way to go as an innovating region, according to a panel of experts that included Jose Luis Guasch of The World Bank, Jose Pablo Arellano, an economist from CIEPLAN, Lourdes Casanova of INSEAD and Raúl Rivera of Chile's ForoInnovación.

The day wrapped up with a presentation on the Rising Power of Brazil and the final keynote of the first day, the Prime Minister of Haiti, Jean-Max Bellerive.

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