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March 16, 2010 07:30 ET

Foy-Johnston: Liquid Gold Addresses Pressing Need for Domestic Oil Production

DOVER, DE--(Marketwire - March 16, 2010) - Foy-Johnston Inc. (PINKSHEETS: FOYJ), through its wholly owned subsidiary Liquid Gold International, utilizing the enhanced oil recovery technology, addresses the need for domestic oil production.

In the United States, both citizens and leaders, including the president, alike recognize that our nation must become more dependent on domestic oil production, and less on foreign oil. One strategy that is growing in prominence and application with respect to petroleum is Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). EOR refers to the recovery of oil that is left behind after primary and secondary recovery methods are either exhausted or no longer economical and effective.

Liquid Gold International's mission is to conduct EOR operations in the oil industry.

The Company will focus on enhanced oil recovery technology to extract additional oil from mature onshore U.S. fields. The Company employs a unique business model which exploits our country's proven reservoirs of oil -- assets with marginal production that still contain significant reserves that can be produced through enhanced oil recovery. The Company has non-exclusive license rights to the use of a new, cutting edge technology which creates tremendous opportunities within the industry. The business Plan of Liquid Gold is centered on the utilization of this heavy oil recovery system, which sets it apart and gives it a distinct advantage over other companies in this field.

Primary recovery typically provides access to only a small fraction of a reservoir's total oil capacity. Secondary recovery techniques increase productivity to a third or more. Tertiary Recovery (EOR) enables producers to extract up to over half of a reservoir's original content, depending on the reservoir and the EOR process applied.

Professor Kishore Mahanty at the University of Houston estimates that as much as two-thirds of the oil contained in mainland U.S. reservoirs has been left behind because it has proved too difficult or expensive to extract. But technological advances and a sustained run of high oil prices has made it attractive for smaller companies to develop assets dropped and sold by the majors in states such as Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Utah and California.

Liquid Gold is building the company on the idea that a multitude of oil fields have already been drilled that still possess vast potential for future extraction.

Enhanced Oil Recovery has the potential to enhance the energy landscape that is an integral part of the foundation of the world's economy and people's everyday lives.

It is a given that a technology which could effectively create EOR production would stand to profit in an unparalleled way. Liquid Gold is at the threshold of just such an opportunity. The advanced methodology employed by Liquid Gold will set the standard in heavy oil recovery. This Company presents an opportunity which is unique and timely, with unlimited growth possibilities.

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Foy-Johnston is a venture capital firm that specializes in discovering and exploiting new technologies that have enormous commercial application and explosive revenue potential. The Liquid Gold International enhanced oil recovery system presents those very qualities that Foy-Johnston's management team has identified to meet those criteria. Our website is

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