SOURCE: Frames Bowling Lounge NYC

Frames Bowling Lounge NYC

August 16, 2013 04:00 ET

Frames Bowling Lounge Hosted the Entire NY Giants Team for a Night Out During Their Intensive Three-Week Training Camp

NEW YORK, NY --(Marketwired - August 16, 2013) - On Tuesday evening, Aug 13th, the four-time Superbowl champs had a night off and spent it hanging out at Frames Bowling Lounge, trading their usual competitive Superbowl antics for a night of super Bowling.

Coughlin surprised the players with the trip, and Punter Steve Weatherford, took to twitter (@Weatherford5) to thank Coach for the evening.

Coach Coughlin with a rare surprise today! Team Bowling in Manhattan! I've said it before, I'll say it again.. Love my Coach!!! #NYG #GIANTS

Love this team!!!! Having a blast with Nassib and @davediehl66 #NYG @ Frames Leisure Time Bowl 

The Giants were ushered into the midtown bowling venue, located at 40th Street and 9th Avenue, quickly and discreetly, through a back door entrance as not to alarm the neighborhood or tip off any fans. The event was extremely hush-hush; they employed a full police escort and had plenty of security.

The entire 2013-2014 Season team was present, including Eli Manning, Victor Cruz, and Coaches Tom Coughlin, Kevin Gilbride, and others. The guys were all really relaxed and enjoyed a great evening, shooting pool and throwing strikes, sans alcohol of course. Nothing but juice and water for this boys night out while training.

In good spirits, the players all had a laugh at Eli Manning's expense when the Frames DJ premiered the latest Direct TV commercial "Football on Your Phone" across all 26 lanes. The guys all erupted in a playful ribbing session with their beloved Quarterback, while Manning painfully watched the funny clip of him and his brother Peyton in 80s getups and wigs singing the football on your phone jingle.

Weatherford tweeted a clip of the scene, while the players were doubled over laughing.

#FootballOnYourPhone is on 24 big screen TVs. Haha. Eli is getting it hard right now! @ Frames Leisure… 

Charles Way, Director of Player Development explained why these team experiences are so important:

"It's a great team bonding event. [The Giants] always like to do things like this, especially with the new guys we have on our team; introducing them to the culture and environment that we have established over the past 10 years. We're having a fun time, and Coach is letting the guys see him in a different [way]; I think this [night out] is going to be really positive for the team."

Victor Cruz looked extremely happy, relaying that "Coach just brought us in a room; we had a team meeting, and he just told us we were going to bowl. And our buses were outside, waiting for us; everybody was kind of looking around like, is he serious? I personally felt like we were being Punk'd. Apparently it's real, [because] we're here bowling, and having a good time. My team is gonna win, too. I'm just throwing it out there."

David Wilson was a big fan of the bowling night saying "If you're bad at it, you're not going to the only one that's bad at it, and if you're good, well, you're not the only one, so it's a good bonding experience".

Aaron Ross tossed a green bowling ball down his lane smiling as he struck 8 pins, saying "See the green ball? That means money."

Jason Pierre Paul challenged Justin Tuck to a game of Billiards because they are both keeping it light due to injuries, while Antrell Paul, on the Pool Tables all night, declared "I haven't lost yet. Look at my phone [for evidence]: Victim Jesse Armstead, Victim Terell Thomas , Collins, oh yeah, and last but not least the Captain, Justin Tuck."

Reuben Randall looked completely chilled and said "I know everybody is pretty sore right now, so this is a good time to relax our minds and have a good time"

Bowling Scores of the night:




Best scores of the night went to--

Andre Brown (Running Back): score 207

Terrence Frederick (Corner Back): score 187

Steve Weatherford (Punter): score 176

The larger than life football stars were all sweet gentlemen, and courteous towards the staff and servers. They were mostly interested in knowing when they could return for a night of off-season bowling with cocktails.

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