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September 13, 2005 08:00 ET

Franek Technologies Protects Key DNA and Toxicology Instrumentation at Ventura County Sheriff's Department, Forensic Science Laboratory

$350,000 Investment in DNA and Toxicology Analysis Instrumentation, as Well as Irreplaceable Forensic Samples/Results Are Now Protected, Saving the Laboratory and Taxpayers Thousands of Dollars

TUSTIN, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 13, 2005 -- The Ventura County Sheriff Department's Forensic Science Laboratory has recently added to its investment in Franek Technologies, Inc.'s, the leader in certified Category III-3 Laboratory Battery Backup Power Protection Systems (LPS/UPS), power protection units. Having experienced numerous costly power interruptions, caused by power surges, low voltage conditions (brown-outs), harmonics, and switching transients, the laboratory sought to institute higher-level, instrumentation-grade power protection for its critical equipment. Based on the recommendation from Applied Biosystems and multi-vendor comparisons, the Forensic Science Laboratory selected Franek Technologies to protect its $350,000 investment in DNA and Toxicology instrumentation against power fluctuations that would have otherwise caused expensive damage to instrumentation, loss of irreplaceable forensic samples and data, as well as significant lost productive time.

With most of its power protection units in place for over five years, Franek Technologies LPS units now protect three Applied Biosystems Prism® 310 single channel genetic analyzers in its DNA detail; three 9600 GeneAmp® PCR Systems in its amplification laboratory; and its most recent acquisition in the toxicology laboratory, protecting a combination Shimadzu LC-2010HT high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and ABI-MDS Sciex API 2000 (atmospheric pressure ionization, triple quadrupole LC/MS/MS) instrumentation system. Since installation of each of the seven Franek Technologies units, the Forensic Science Laboratory has not experienced a single incident of loss or damage caused by its inherent fluctuations in power.

The samples available for analysis at the Forensic Science Laboratory are irreplaceable and often extremely limited, especially in homicide cases. Since reliable analysis is imperative for the success of the Ventura County Sheriff Department, protecting the integrity of the evidence (samples) from damage or loss is the highest priority.

"Prior to the installation of the Franek Technologies power protection systems, we experienced sample loss and instrumentation damage due to power fluctuations within the various laboratories," explained Renee Artman, Forensic Science Laboratory Manager. "Based on the losses, I had no problem justifying the additional, and critical, expense of the Franek Technologies units. One of the things that impressed me most about working with Franek Technologies was how extremely budget conscious the team is. They really worked with me to design a system that met not only our specific technological needs, but also fit within my strict budget."

The Ventura County Sheriff's Forensic Sciences Laboratory is a full-service laboratory responding to 19 law enforcement agencies in Ventura County. The 31 full-time forensic scientists and 8 support staff of the laboratory analyze approximately 8,500 cases per year in the following disciplines: DNA, trace, firearms, controlled substances, toxicology, and forensic alcohol. The laboratory is accredited by the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board (ASCLD/LAB) and complies with quality standards issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and meets the FBI's DNA Advisory Board (DAB) standards for forensic DNA testing laboratories.

Franek Technologies, Inc. provides the scientific, research, laboratory, and informatics markets with an energy and power technology bridge, via certified Category III-3 "Instrumentation Grade" interface devices, between the utility and its distribution network. Franek Technologies safeguards instrumentation operators from undesirable power surges, sags, and interrupts via true online LPS/UPS protection, specifically designed and engineered for critical drug discovery and clinical instrumentation applications. Its website of over 1,400 instrument LPS applications for more than 75 OEMs can be viewed at

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