Dixon Schwabl

April 13, 2015 11:51 ET

Franklin County Service Provider First Agency to Electronically Interface to State Customer Information Management Outcomes Reporting System (CIMOR)

Developmental Services of Franklin County Uses Cutting-Edge Software to Electronically Submit Claims Data to Missouri State Medicaid System Electronically Interface to the State Customer Information Management Outcomes Reporting System (CIMOR)

FRANKLIN COUNTY, MO--(Marketwired - April 13, 2015) - If she never has to manually enter Medicaid claims data online again, it will be too often for Betty Stahlman, accounts receivable manager with Developmental Services of Franklin County (DSFC), which provides support services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In August 2009, Stahlman began manually entering data to the Missouri State Customer Information Management Outcomes Reporting System, or CIMOR, for payment. As a human service agency, DSFC is required to report information relating to the care of the disabled individuals they serve and provide services to help them achieve independent and empowered lives. It is these services that Missouri Medicaid funds as long as agencies like DSFC prove that the prescribed goals and outcomes have been worked on. A new partnership finalized in early April 2015, lays that time-consuming process to rest and opens the door to better quality care for those served by DSFC. It also makes DSFC the first agency waiver provider to electronically interface developmental disabilities claims data to the state for Medicaid reimbursements via CIMOR. By eliminating manual entry into this system, the state is receiving claims data faster and more reliably and for DSFC, significantly cutting down admin time and substantially reducing the chance of errors.

The project brought New York-based software development and provider MediSked on board to provide electronic record software solutions that fully transitioned DSFC to an electronically managed agency. MediSked's Connect Agency Management Platform provides the system through which DSFC now manages all of its record data & service documentation, making it easier and quicker for the organization to claim its reimbursements from the state. The waiver provider was using the state's online portal to submit requests in the past, which required manually tabulating claim information and entering invoices by hand.

"In the past, our staff was required to spend hours upon hours manually entering data," said Dr. Ronald Kruse, Executive Director, DSFC. "With MediSked Connect, all of our information will be electronic, making claims reporting as simple as a click of the button and significantly reducing key punching errors."

According to an Arc National Survey, over 60% percent of agencies serving the developmentally disabled do not employ electronic records software systems to manage their operations. According to experts at MediSked, in this day and age when Medicaid Reform has caused intense claims scrutiny, agencies must find ways to create efficiencies in order to provide the best quality of care for those they serve.

"MediSked, LLC exists to provide consulting services and technological solutions that improve service delivery and quality of care for agencies that provide a full spectrum of lifelong care to those they serve," said Doug Golub, president and co-founder of MediSked, LLC. "Our Agency Management Platforms are proven, customizable and fully compliant with Medicaid Waiver requirements, which differ state by state."

With MediSked Connect, DSFC will be able to produce goals and outcomes reports, pre-claim reports and claim submission, rebilling, voiding and reconciling claims at the click of a button. In addition, Connect's real-time updates provide assurance that whenever federal, state and local regulations change, the software will accommodate those changes, when necessary, to keep agencies compliant.

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