July 12, 2009 13:30 ET

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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA--(Marketwire - July 12, 2009) - Well, here we go again ladies and gentlemen! Talk is heating up about a second stimulus package to throw more printed money at a problem that won't go away until the government lets a bottom hit. A second stimulus package, are they serious? The first one has yet to kick in, with unemployment numbers heading north of 10%, the first stimulus appears to be a flop! Like many fellow Americans, we are not going to sit around on our hands while they continue to drag the market through the ringer. WE ARE BUYING SMALL AND MICRO CAP STOCKS!

No beating around the bush here. delivers winning penny stock picks to our subscribers that have the potential to see enormous gains in days and weeks - not years and decades. Our next pick, this Monday, July 13th, is a little known micro cap company that has the heart of a lion. In one year from 2007 - 2008 in a tough economy they have more than doubled their revenues. It's time to get involved with stocks like our next pick - stocks you won't hear about from Wall St Investment Advisors. These stocks can potentially make you gains between 100% - 3,000% in days! Invest in hearing more, there is no cost, simply subscribe at and witness it for yourself.

Last Thursday we witnessed micro cap stock XO Holdings Inc. (OTCBB:XOHO), a telecommunications provider close at $.28 (twenty eight cents) per share. After reports surfaced that one of Mr. Carl Icahn's business' (ACF Industries Holding Corp.) offered to buy the communications company's remaining stock, XOHO opened on Friday at $.49 and traded as high as $.55 per share closing the trading day at $.505 per share. This is a 1 day gain of over 80%! And guess what? It happens every single day in the micro cap and small cap world. Join our FREE newsletter and start hearing about stocks that can show you gains like that and much more by signing up on our site at

Obviously, we believe in many of the large cap companies trading on the markets today. However, we do not believe the vast majority of these stocks will show investors 100% plus gains anytime in the near future. "Penny stocks" should be an integral portion of every investor's portfolio in today's market; diversification is absolutely critical when investing in the stock market. proposes that just as it makes very little sense to wrap every penny you have into micro or small cap stocks, likewise, the same mentality should be applied for medium and large caps as well. Our premier research firm has a proven track record of bringing some of the hottest "penny stock" picks on the market. Simply visit us at and see what tens of thousands of our current subscribers already know.

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