SOURCE: Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition

Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition

December 15, 2011 23:00 ET

Free Loan Modification Help Saves Another Home Through Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition

SANTA ANA, CA--(Marketwire - Dec 15, 2011) - Mr. Williams was to be another casualty of war caused by the catastrophic mess displayed by Occupy Wall Street movement. He had a Home loan that he states was predatorily originated and concealed the fact it came with a huge Balloon payment now due.

Williams' loan obtained through a broker in Illinois was now at a 15% interest rate after faithfully paying the mortgage for fifteen years. "I was recently contacted by SPS and advised that I had a balloon payment and my note was becoming due and payable. This was shocking news as a balloon was never discussed during the initial loan process. After reviewing my loan documents, it appeared my signature was forged on the balloon rider. I contacted the local police and filed a report, but nothing was done to rectify the situation. I had no way of refinancing or paying off the note in full. I contacted Consumer Protection Assistance Coalition through the internet after my lender advised me that my only option was to pay off the entire Balloon."

According CPAC's President, G. Lee Lane, a Multistate Bar Licensed Attorney of 39 years, "Mr. Williams fortunately was eligible for our comprehensive and completely free loan modification assistance that we can provide to any eligible homeowner. More importantly, Mr. Williams contacted us within the perfect time frame for this to be effective, some aren't as fortunate."

In addition to offering free loan modification help, CPAC also provides free Lender Fraud & Violation Analysis Reports as well as free permanent principal reduction program prequalification. But what makes CPAC more unique compared to other Law Firms is in addition to offering these free services and products to eligible Homeowners they also have been reported to have the highest count of Individual Lender Litigation Lawsuits filed in Courts than any other individual for profit Law Office in the State, suits against major lenders like BofA, Chase, Wells and Onewest Bank.

Mr. Williams followed CPAC's recommendation to the letter. Mr. Williams states, "In December I obtained my desperately needed loan modification. I received a modified note at 4.5 % interest for 15 years. I can easily make the new payment and hope to pay off my home prior to the end of the 15 year note."

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