Free Marketspace for Direct Automobile Transaction Service

December 20, 2010 03:45 ET

Free Marketspace for Direct Automobile Transaction Service Launched Utilizing Smartphone and QR Code

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - December 20, 2010) -, based in New York, launched free marketspace for direct automobile transaction service utilizing smartphone and QR code. This new service enables one to advertise and sell one's own automobile directly.

When one registers the vehicle information on, the website produces a sticker which includes QR code. After this step, one simply prints out the sticker and sticks it near the license plate of the vehicle. QR code is a two-dimensional code that carries more information than the existing barcode. QR code scanning application is available for download at smartphone app stores.

When a potential buyer scans the QR code using a smartphone, it immediately connects to the advertisment page that the owner of the car had set up. If a buyer's location is too far to scan the sticker, they can simply go to and input the license plate number.

The advertisement page shows vehicle information, pictures as well as the owner's contact information. The owner can be contacted by a potential buyer directly for further negotiation.

This direct transaction service of does not require any additional advertisement fees because the advertisement put up by the vehicle owner itself acts as an advertisement media, which is the major differentiating factor of compared to other companies.

Moreover, past online transactions required a buyer to pay a visit to the vehicle, but this step too is eliminated from Carcle's services.

Because an owner and a potential buyer have already met in person before they have online, it benefits both parties. To a buyer, it is surely a relief to find a vehicle that's in action right now, instead of dusty cars that have been sleeping in the dealership for centuries.

This new type of direct market service has combined the advantages of both online and reality, it is made possible by the fast spread of smartphones.

Currently provides marketspace for direct transaction between buyer and seller on four different categories: automobile transaction, rental, carpool, and other advertisement. The company plans to increase advertisement categories in future, in order to accommodate various user needs.

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