January 09, 2007 08:15 ET

Free Music Identification and Metadata Service Launches at CES

World's Largest Digital Music Identification Solution Provides an Affordable Way to Take Music-Centric Projects and Applications to the Next Level

LAS VEGAS, NV -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 9, 2007 -- MusicIP, the first global search engine for music, today announced industry-altering pricing for their popular digital music identification solution, MusicDNS. By eliminating the cost and offering this hosted, on-demand service for free, MusicDNS is poised to become a standard for the global identification of digital music tracks.

With the industry's largest database of over 26,000,000 fingerprint track IDs behind it, the MusicDNS web service identifies and delivers metadata about specific tracks. Service access is freely available, with open-source or commercial client libraries for all major computing platforms. This fresh, comprehensive approach addresses the emerging track-centric digital music marketplace, and avoids the cost and lock-in challenges of legacy CD data. The public-domain track metadata returned by MusicDNS can be used freely for any application needs by developers, organizations, or enterprises.

"Music technology developers and organizations have been without an affordable, reliable digital music content identification solution for too long," said Dr. Matthew Dunn, CEO of MusicIP. "To enable profitable new music business models, the industry needs widely-adopted digital fundamentals like content identification services."

In April 2006, MusicIP was awarded U.S. Patent #7,013,301 for its Audio Fingerprinting System and Method. The technology in the patent identifies digital music tracks at the master-recording level, by the actual sounds in the track, making it possible to identify the same piece of music, consistently, anywhere in the world regardless of language or format.

"One of the key enabling technologies for the ecosystem that will ultimately become the celestial jukebox is a universally used, free, SongID system. The one system that has the best shot at becoming the universal SongID system is the MusicDNS system," said Paul Lamere, Principal Investigator for the Search inside the Music Project at Sun Labs. "MusicDNS is doing all the right things. They are supporting MusicBrainz, an excellent source of music metadata. They have opensourced the fingerprinting client. They have made the cost to use their system cheap enough so that anyone can use it. If we are all using this system, the music ecosystem will be a better place."

The metadata available through MusicDNS includes Track Name, Artist Name, Album Name(s), Genre(s), Release Year, and Creative Commons License.

The new MusicDNS pricing is as follows:

Limited- free, anonymous access to the service, 1,000 requests per day

Standard- free, registered access to the service, up to 5 million requests per month

Premium-premium subscription, $250/year, includes unlimited monthly requests and HTTPS access to the service

More information about MusicDNS can be found at the MusicIP booth at CES in Las Vegas, January 8-11, 2007, Sands Hall, Download Tech Zone, Booth #70031.

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MusicIP provides music relationship solutions for digital music devices, applications and online services. The company is the market leader in track-centric music, with patented technologies and the industry's largest dataset of over 25 million fingerprints and musical signatures. Solutions include consumer electronics firmware, SDKs, hosted music search and the largest open-source track ID and free metadata service, MusicDNS. For more information, visit

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