June 01, 2005 14:29 ET

Free Offer: X-CAD Parametric 3D CAD Software

Available When 100,000 People Register by August 1 at

SAN RAFAEL, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 1, 2005 -- A powerful parametric, solid-modeling 3D CAD program called X-CAD will be made available for free when and if 100,000 people register by August 1, 2005 at In addition to enabling users to create precise 3D mechanical designs equal to well-known mid-range solid modeling brands, X-CAD provides an easy-to-use Windows® interface, integrated Help menus and tutorials, and real-time collaboration with other users wherever they are located.

X-CAD becomes available as a free download as soon as 100,000 people register with their e-mail address on the web site. Registrants can check the counter on the web site to chart the progress of the giveaway program, and can direct any inquiries to

Not a demo or trial software, X-CAD provides fully functional, intelligent, parametric sketching with an array of rich features such as "on-the-fly" automatic constraint capture, auto-dimensioning, various sketch tools including lines, circles, arcs, polygons, splines, etc., and a complete set of constraints such as vertical/horizontal, perpendicular, parallel, tangent and more. Rather than creating "dumb" geometry like traditional CAD systems, X-CAD enables users to capture design intent with feature-based modeling including engineering features such as bosses, cuts, holes, fillets, chamfers, lofts, sweeps, shells and helical features.

X-CAD is designed to accommodate easy migration of 2D users to an advanced 3D modeling program for mechanical design and manufacturing applications. To register for your free copy of X-CAD, go to

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