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Vera Whole Health

November 21, 2012 12:00 ET

Free Phone-Based Wellness Coaching Consultation: Save Time While Improving Your Health and Wellbeing at Vera University

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON--(Marketwire - Nov. 21, 2012) - Vera Whole Health, a leading Seattle wellness center, is happy to announce that their wellness coaching program is now available across the United States with the introduction of telephone-based wellness coaching. In celebration of the achievement, Vera is offering a free phone consultation to help prospective members decide if wellness coaching is the right fit for them.

When it comes to exercise and nutrition, separating fact from fiction can be a daunting task. Every magazine and website gives different, and often conflicting, guidance on the foods we should eat, the exercises we should perform and the lifestyle we should live. With so much information available, confusion, indecision and fear is quick to set in. Without clear guidance, making changes that result in a healthy and fulfilling life may never happen. Wellness coaching helps you sort through the information and implement lasting changes that improve the quality of your life and overall health.

Watch Valerie Burlingame explain what to expect from a wellness coach:

For the past four years, Vera Whole Health wellness coaches have helped residents in Seattle and the surrounding area replace unhealthy behaviors with choices that result in better overall health and a brighter outlook on life. Making the necessary changes for improved health can be difficult after a lifetime of bad habits. Enlisting the help of a knowledgeable partner that holds you accountable is one of the most effective ways of eliminating unhealthy habits and developing healthier ones.

Wellness coaches at Vera work with clients to help them overcome obstacles on their way to healthier lives. Instead of telling clients what to do, a wellness coach leads them through a process of self-discovery that helps identify their strengths, weaknesses, challenges, values and goals. The self-discovery process raises self-awareness and helps identify behaviors that are causing poor physical, emotional and spiritual health. Together, coach and client develop an actionable plan to eliminate behaviors that lead to poor health.

Aside from information paralysis, a lack of time is one of the reasons people most often given for not making better health a priority in their lives. Telephone-based wellness coaching offers a convenient and time-efficient way to receive the expert guidance needed to become healthier without adding time to an already busy day by driving across town, meeting with a coach, and then driving back. Coaching over the phone allows meetings to take place at times convenient for the client.

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Vera Whole Health, based in Seattle, is full-service health and wellness company that provides women, men and families with fitness, nutritional and health education guidance. Vera Whole Health was co-founded by current President and CEO Ryan Schmid under the name Vera Fitness in 2008 after he won the Seattle University Business Plan competition. Under the guidance of Schmid and Chief Visionary Officer Valerie Burlingame, Vera Fitness quickly expanded to include professional health certification programs, wellness coaching and corporate wellness programs. Today, Vera Fitness, Vera University and Vera Healthcare fall under the umbrella of Vera Whole Health. For more information, visit

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