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Veterinary Practice Solutions

July 03, 2012 09:00 ET

Free Veterinary Practice Management Solutions on YouTube

Veterinary Practice Solutions Launches Whiteboard Wednesdays to Enhance Your Management Skills

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - July 3, 2012) - It's an unfortunate fact that veterinarians and other medical professionals, despite expert training in their chosen field, rarely get the opportunity to learn how to run a practice. To help vets get the most out of their education and hard work, Veterinary Practice Solutions (VPS), a premier provider of management training and consulting solutions, is pleased to announce "Whiteboard Wednesdays", a free series of weekly videos offering veterinarian practice management tips to private practice veterinarians and those who would like to open their own practice.

"Private practice vets can get so overwhelmed with trying to manage their practice, they don't have the time to do what they trained for - treating their patients. Or, they're so busy treating, they don't have time to manage. One way or the other, it all boils down to the same things - high stress, long hours, and low profits," said Dr. Joel Parker, DVM, President and co-founder of VPS.

VPS has serviced thousands of American and Canadian clients, guiding them through problem areas - hiring and training the right personnel, managing finances, marketing, and other pivotal elements of success - to enable them to realize their dreams.

"If you have issues with organization, if you have issues with the financial management of your practice, if you have issues with managing the personnel of your practice, if you have issues with balancing your practice life with your personal life, then this program is something you need to look at." GC, DVM, Practice Owner.

"We have seen a tremendous growth rate in spite of the fact that the economy has been - for everybody else - down. We are looking at numbers that we never even thought of making before." ST, DVM, Practice Owner.

This free Youtube video service is available to practice owners and managers every Wednesday and will cover all aspects of creating what Dr. Parker calls a "Standing Ovation Practice" - one that the community and pet owners will be proud of.

"For years I've been looking to develop a service to help practice owners with a quick 15 - 20 minute blast of information they can use to get more out of their practices. I think Whiteboard Wednesdays is it. There's no cumbersome webinar log-in connection required. Just grab your lunch and click the email link to our YouTube channel and take in the topic of the week. We're really excited to take our experience consulting 1000's of veterinary practices over the years and distill this down into small bite-size chunks of interesting and easily digested information. Why Wednesdays? Well, it's typically a day where veterinarians are not totally run off their feet and can slow down for 20 minutes, actually eat their lunch and take in some new ideas."

To get instant help with your practice, tune in to Whiteboard Wednesdays. The first video focuses on the reasons countless DVMs have trouble achieving the goals they first dreamed of achieving with their practice and what they can do to handle it!

If you would like to see the videos in order, which is advised, start with the launch video and continue on to subsequent videos on the VPS youtube channel. New ones will be posted for viewing by 5:00 a.m. each Wednesday, and all videos will continue to be available for review. To find out more about VPS veterinary practice management solutions, check out the VPS website at

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