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Method123 Ltd

May 05, 2009 09:15 ET

Free Project Management Book Released

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - May 5, 2009) - Method123 Ltd, leaders in online Project Management, announced today the release of a free book for project managers.

The Project Management Book helps Project Managers and teams to deliver projects successfully. It takes the project manager through the process of managing and delivering a project, step-by-step. Managers know what has to be done, when and by whom. The principles are based on the worldwide project management standards Prince2 and PMI.

As well as describing the project management life cycle in depth, the book goes one step further by setting out the tools that a project manager needs to work efficiently and effectively.

"When starting a project, Project Managers often fall into the trap of rolling their sleeves up and getting stuck in without actually thinking about what needs to be done and how to go about it," says Jason Westland, CEO of Method123 Ltd. "However if they can find the time early on to stand back and think about the Project Management Process, then they will get more done and in less time.

"We wanted to set out this project process in the form of an eBook. It describes the complete lifecycle, step-by-step. It's a generic process that every Project Manager can follow to boost their level of project success. This new Project Management Book has already received more than 250,000 downloads and projects managers around the world are following this simple step-by-step process to deliver projects," says Westland.

The book breaks the project management life cycle down into four discrete steps. The first step is Project Initiation in which a business case, feasibility study and project charter are completed. The project office is set up, the project team is appointed and early supplier relationships are formed.

The second step is where detailed "Project Planning" is performed using Project Planning Software. During this phase the project plan, resource plan and communications plan are documented. In addition, the project manager creates separate plans for managing risk, procurement and customers. Suppliers are appointed to assist if required and a project review is undertaken to ensure that the project execution is adequately planned.

In the third step which is called "Project Execution", the project deliverables are physically constructed. Whether it's the building of a bridge, the implementation of a new IT system or the creation of a new business service, a number of project processes are followed. These processes ensure that time, cost and quality are managed efficiently. They also ensure that changes, risks and issues are tracked accordingly.

The last step is the "Project Closure" which involves the documentation of a Project Closure Report, the release of the project team and handover of the deliverables to the customer. In this phase, a post project review is also conducted to ensure that the project team met the stated business objectives.

In addition to the free book released, Method123 also offer Project Management Templates to help managers and teams deliver projects on time.

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