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November 02, 2005 09:00 ET

Free Report Puts Perspective on Mobile Storage

Small Form Factor Hard Disk Drives Enable Advanced Consumer Products While Flash Defines Value Products

SAN JOSE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 2, 2005 -- There has been much speculation that hard disk are being replaced by flash memory in portable electronics. In reality hard disk drive technology has many years of growth and will enable lower cost high performance storage for portable devices while coexisting with other portable digital choices. A free report, "Putting Portable Storage in Perspective" by Tom Coughlin, Coughlin Associates available on the or web sites describes the future roles of various portable CE storage devices. Some key points from the report follow.

By 2010 1-inch hard disk drives will offer over 100 GB for the same price as a 30 GB flash memory. The price cross over point for flash memory and hard disks drives will be under 10 GB by 2010. Small form factor hard disk drive storage capacities will continue to offer much greater storage capacity for a considerably lower price than comparable flash memory offers. Compressed formats such as MP3 songs were developed for fast downloads over slow Internet connections and into small digital mass storage. Low cost high capacity digital storage small hard disk drives will enable future higher resolution loss-less format portable entertainment.

For example, a 100 GB 1-inch hard disk drive storage capacity provides a real personal content and entertainment center with 20,000 4-Megapixel photos, 10,000 MP3 songs as well as over 80 VGA-quality movies selling for less than $400 in 2010. In the following decade a portable rich media product with 20,000 8-Megapixel photos, 10,000 loss-less compressed songs and 100 DVD-quality movies will use small form factor hard disk drives with close to 600 GB (now not even available on 3.5-inch hard disk drives). Small form factor hard disk drives enable intelligent personal devices that we can scarcely dream of today.

A mobile digital storage hierarchy and desired product features sometimes directs the use of multiple storage products in a consumer device. Slow download speeds for rich content may revive physical distribution. A removable flash memory or small optical disk could be used for rich content distribution to a mobile device with an embedded small form factor hard disk drive providing mass storage of content.

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