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December 12, 2008 05:49 ET

Free Software Launched for Teaching Babies to Read

- Groundbreaking program enables parents to create personalized flash card-based lessons -

HONG KONG, CHINA--(Marketwire - Dec. 12, 2008) -

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BrillKids Inc has launched Little Reader LITE, a free downloadable software program that enables parents to create customized reading lessons for their children. Combining virtual flash cards with high-quality multimedia, Little Reader is the world's most effective tool for teaching reading to babies and children of all abilities. Designed to be used from the age of four months up, Little Reader comes loaded with nearly 200 word files - including pronunciations, images, animations and sound effects. Parents can personalize their child's lessons, for example, by using their own voice recordings, or uploading photos of family members and pets.

The release of Little Reader LITE comes hot off the heels of the release of the premium version of the software - Little Reader HOME BASIC - which can be purchased on the BrillKids website. LITE gives parents and children everywhere a taste of Little Reader's powerful capabilities - for free. It can also be used to obtain the premium version of Little Reader at no cost. This is because LITE includes the Little Reader export function, enabling users to earn loyalty points by sharing content with the BrillKids community. These points can then be used to upgrade to HOME BASIC for free or at a discount. With HOME BASIC, users get to use the Little Reader import function, giving them free access to the thousands of word files available through BrillKids. These include materials prepared by native speakers around the world - making it simple and fun to teach foreign languages from the earliest age.

Little Reader LITE may not have all the functionality of HOME BASIC, but it remains the most powerful tool available for teaching children to read - and anyone in the world can begin using it right away. "The idea behind LITE is to give every parent and child the opportunity to experience Little Reader - regardless of their ability to pay," says KL Wong, CEO of BrillKids Inc. KL used flash cards, DVDs, homemade books and a prototype of Little Reader with his daughter Felicity, who can be seen on YouTube reading dozens of words at the age of 12 months. KL doesn't believe his child is exceptional though. "The key to teaching babies reading - or just about anything - is to make learning a fun and joyful experience," he says. That spirit of enjoyment is so important, he adds, that "it informed Little Reader's design every step of the way - and every single one of its functions."

There is no doubt that Little Reader's little users are enjoying the program. What's more, the software is versatile enough to suit children with a range of ages and abilities, as Arthi, a mother from Singapore, notes: "My younger child, aged two, enjoys the animal categories, where there is a real picture of the animal accompanied by the sound it makes. He can now recognize words even before the picture comes up... He also loves the nursery rhymes... My elder child, aged three and half, enjoys more complex categories like flags, planets and the Seven Wonders of the World. She shows an interest even outside our Little Reader sessions. When we visited the library, she recalled the nice pictures in the Seven Wonders category and wanted to get a book about them."

Maximizing learning, maximizing fun

Children can learn a great deal from high-quality educational videos; yet, one of the greatest drawbacks - particularly when it comes to teaching reading - is that the lesson is the same every time a video is played. Little Reader has a random function to ensure that every single lesson a child watches is unique. Not only does this stimulate the child's interest, it also ensures that she doesn't simply memorize the sequence of words instead of learning to read.

Little Reader is designed so that an unlimited number of images can be attached to a word. Each time the word file is played, an image is randomly chosen from the pool. This enables children to acquire a better understanding of the meanings of words - for example, the child who only sees a parrot to illustrate the word "bird" may not understand the overall concept as quickly as the child who is shown five different types of bird. Word files are packaged into categories (e.g. "Animals"), which can be arranged by the user into playlists (e.g. "Felicity's First Words").

A program for everyone

Special-needs children of all ages - especially those with reading delays - can also benefit tremendously from using Little Reader. Laura from Maryland, USA was moved to tears when her daughter Kay, who has Down syndrome, showed that she could read at the age of 15 months. "I have never tested her before today," writes Laura. "We tested her with about 10 different word cards - and she got every one right! Thirty years ago I would have been told to put Kay in an institution because she was unteachable... I admit I had never heard of teaching babies to read a year ago and would not have believed she could do this. The sky is the limit for my little girl!"

For some special-needs children, Little Reader can make the difference between learning to read or not. For children without special needs, early literacy can make the difference between being a good and a poor reader. Reading is a gateway to all the knowledge in the world. Early readers enjoy long-term advantages not just in reading but other academic subjects - and all avenues of life. The BrillKids team would like to dispel the myth that reading is difficult for preschoolers. Indeed, we believe that reading is difficult for some school-age children precisely because they have been introduced to it too late. Every child deserves the chance to learn to read at the time when it is easiest - during the first few years of life. Little Reader makes it easy for every parent to give their child the precious gift of early literacy.

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