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August 23, 2012 10:00 ET

Free Songbird App Is the Ultimate iPhone Wind-Instrument

Play Ocarina and Many Other Instruments With Realistic Feel and Breath Response

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - August 23, 2012) - Songbird Ocarinas is proud to announce the release of Songbird, its new wind-instrument app for the iPhone. The app is played by blowing into the iPhone's mouthpiece while your fingers play notes on the touchscreen. By tilting and moving the phone, you can change octaves, bend notes, and add vibrato.

"My goal was to design a highly expressive app that offers the subtle nuances of a real wind instrument," says Durian, founder of Songbird Ocarinas. "Whether you're a beginner or an accomplished player, you'll have an enjoyable and musically fulfilling experience with it."

For additional authenticity, you can purchase the Toot ceramic mouthpiece, which fits over the iPhone's microphone. It provides a comfortable perch for your lips, and is equipped with four finger holes.

Two instruments, Ocarina and Birdsong, are included with the app. Many others are available via in-app purchase for just 99 cents each. You can also buy specialized instrument kits for $4.99, such as the Middle Eastern Kit, and the Orchestra Kit.

The Songbird sounds are all meticulously multisampled from historical and modern instruments. The app lets you dial in reverb and delay to add tasteful ambience to the sounds. What's more, Songbird stays active while the iPod app is playing, making it possible to jam along with the songs in your library.

The free app also comes with its own music collection. The songs come in the form of backing tracks complete with tablature showing the correct fingerings. The tablature scrolls as the song plays, and you can adjust the song's tempo to suit your ability. The library of available songs is constantly expanding and ranges from very simple to extremely challenging.

The free Songbird app is available now from the iTunes store. Everyone who downloads the app will get a discount coupon for a real ceramic ocarina.

About Songbird Ocarinas

Songbird Ocarinas' Durian Songbird has been making ceramic ocarinas since 1989. The early years of his business were spent travelling the world and perfecting his skills as an instrument maker and performer. After returning to the U.S., he continued travelling and performing until eventually settling in Los Angeles, where he now makes a wide range of ocarinas. His products are available from his website:

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