SOURCE: Freedom Financial Holdings, Inc.

April 15, 2009 08:55 ET

Freedom Financial Holdings Adds More Acres to Oil Lease Inventory -- Revenues Could Top $20 Million Using KC 9000™

FORT WAYNE, IN--(Marketwire - April 15, 2009) - Freedom Financial Holdings, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: FDMF) CEO Brian Kistler announced today that the company is adding additional acres to the company's oil lease inventory.

Kistler commented, "These new leases have over 140 existing wells already in place with the entire infrastructure in place and in tact. The significance is that for the price of the lease, Freedom becomes the owner of the oil reserves present in the ground. The value of the infrastructure in place would have cost Freedom in excess of $2 million, but as a result of the superb results from the KC 9000™ treatments thus far the landowners have been willing to allow us to just use the equipment. This is saving the company a great deal of capital and time."

"With our proprietary technology, KC 9000™, the previous efforts from other operators, has only served as the research, Freedom would have had to conduct. Consequently, with the depth of the oil sands being so shallow, it has been nearly impossible for others to get any meaningful production. The unique property of the shallow oil is that there needs to be outside stimulation to loosen the oil from the sand and then make it move to the well bore. Enter KC 9000™. Not only does KC 9000™ loosen the oil from the sand, it also creates natural gas pressure that pushes the oil towards the well bores," stated Kistler.

"Drilling records available show that the oil sands are between 150 and 200 feet deep which is known as the Peru formation. Historical geological data shows the saturation of oil in this area ranges upwards of 1500 barrels of oil, per acre foot. Freedom has a total of 1575 acres leased in Missouri and Kansas. If historical data holds true, and the average depth of the oil sands are just 20 feet thick, Freedom potentially has upwards of 30 million barrels of oil just waiting to be tapped into. It is like having underground storage tanks full of oil. The goal is to have the wells on the first two leases on line by the end of the second quarter with the newest leases by the end of the third quarter. Electricity is scheduled to be brought onto the Beachner lease any day, however in the mean time; we have been using generators to pump the eight wells we have on line. This so far has given us just shy of 100 barrels of oil ready to sell. We are projecting 2009 revenues could top $8 million and 2010 could be well in excess of $20 million from these four leases alone based on 5 barrels of oil per day per well at current prices. The lifting costs for such shallow oil are estimated to be under $20 per barrel, including all royalties," concluded Kistler.

Management looks forward to sharing updates concerning a variety of potential acquisition targets and other projects currently being evaluated.


Freedom Financial Holdings, Inc. ("FDMF") is a holding company with a focus on the identification of opportunities. The Company's objective is to acquire undervalued assets and/or initiate operations in underserved niches. Once established within the FMDF portfolio, the Holding Company will provide the support necessary to enable each of its subsidiaries to maximize their business opportunities.


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