Ron Goodine, M.Ed., RPC

July 18, 2011 08:30 ET

"Freedom From Anger" Available in EBook

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - July 18, 2011) -


"City Councillor Apologizes for Angry Outburst"

"Road rage leads to fatal shooting in Surrey"

"Canucks fans turn violent after loss"

"Angry Outbursts Can Severely Hurt Your Health"

It seems like the headlines are full of stories about anger and violence, whether it is about a celebrity or political leader having a meltdown, or a road rage episode with tragic consequences, or crowds that turn ugly and violent, or the long term health costs of anger.

Effective Cognitive Behavioural programs can help individuals to develop cognitive and coping skills to better manage emotions and make better choices in handling difficult life situations.

Here is what the research tells us about effective Cognitive Behavioural Anger Management Programs:

"Narrative reviews of the general effectiveness of anger management have concluded that this therapeutic approach is effective. Anger management programs take a skills approach and attempt to help program participants develop alternative strategies in the control and expression of angry impulses."

- Kevin Howells of the Australian Institute of Criminology

"Participation in an Anger Management program was associated with strong reductions in reoffending"

- Craig Dowden & Ralph Serin of the Correctional Service of Canada

"The apparent popularity of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in the treatment of anger is justified by its effectiveness in achieving the desired treatment goals."

- Richard Beck & Ephrem Fernandez, in a study published in the journal Cognitive Therapy and Research


Freedom From Anger isn't just an online anger management course, but rather a Cognitive Behavioural eBook and program with the goal of helping readers to change their relationship with anger. This program incorporates Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with mindfulness traditions rooted in Buddhist thought to help readers to commit to valued and mindful actions in the moment when responding to anger.

Here's what other helping professionals have said:

"This book is brilliantly constructed and the exercises are simple and concise. I would recommend it to anyone looking to deal with stress and anger more effectively in their lives."

- Cindy Mulligan, Youth Facilitator

"This workbook is very accessible... I would recommend it to anyone."

- Jacqueline Walters, MSW Social Worker and Educator

"This workbook focuses on developing greater awareness and choice in how to respond to life. The relevant and useful examples and strategies presented in dealing with anger are bang on."

- Susan Baker, M.Ed., RT/CT Counsellor and Educator

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