December 06, 2011 07:30 ET

freedomone mobile Makes a Good Impression at Enterprise Mobility Exchange in Las Vegas

Interesting conclusions and trends noted during an exciting experience at one of North America's most important mobility event

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Dec. 6, 2011) - freedomone mobile, a spin-off of sourcevolution, took the pulse of the growing mobility market at Enterprise Mobility Exchange in Las Vegas on November 2-3, 2011. This event was a golden opportunity for the company to throw its hat into the ring with big industry players, get noticed by the large corporations, and explore new opportunities in the mobile workforce market with freedomone™, their innovative communication platform.

Enterprise Mobility Exchange brings together a select number of companies and solution providers that must be pre-qualified before being invited. This event creates a privileged networking space for high-level directors from various key sectors who are interested in mobile technologies and optimal integration processes for large enterprise. freedomone mobile joined this elite group and successfully captured their attention by describing the freedomone™ solution's innovations and the possibilities it offers. The company took advantage of the presence of internationally-recognized multinationals at this exclusive event to compare its solution with other industry players and confirm its market positioning by validating how freedomone™ can fulfil specific needs of recognized multinationals.

"Currently, mobility is still framed in a 'silo' mentality, meaning, working with one channel of communication at a time," states Pierre-Paul Samson, Chief Technology Officer of freedomone mobile. "Our communication platform freedomone™ is innovative in its inherent capacity of to contextualize thus enabling complete transaction cycles across all channels and with total transparency. This innovative feature was mentioned over and over again by participants in Las Vegas and generated true enthusiasm."

Another aspect of freedomone's solution that was greatly praised was the return on investment. Rémi Marcoux, Vice President, Sales and Partnerships at freedomone mobile, explains: "While others talk about mobility in terms of cutting costs, our solution actually creates value by opening new avenues for revenue generation. freedomone™ offers service opportunities that could eventually be charged to the client or that could lead to new transactions. Furthermore, by creating true value that clients and users can see, opportunities for revenue generation multiply and make a higher return on investment all the more possible."

Mobility at the Heart of Organizational Evolution

Concentrating on integrating mobile technologies to make organizations more agile, increase their operational efficiency and enable the workforce to deliver the best possible service, Enterprise Mobility Exchange fosters constructive dialogue about the current challenges faced by organizations trying to develop a mobility strategy that will fulfil the organization's needs and help it stand out. In truth, the explosion of the mobility market has elicited numerous questions and provoked the need for more governance surrounding new solutions and new protocols.

As some integrated technologies reach the end of their life cycle, organizations must now explore other possible avenues that take into consideration the increased mobility of users. In fact, the current trend is for organizations to adopt a "bring your own device" approach, which encourages users (workforce) - who are increasingly more adept with mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets - to use their personal device for work purposes. "In this context, organizations must invest in systems that will be able to support various operating systems, manage multiple tools and company applications, as well as efficiently handle data," notes Marcoux. "And as always, privacy and confidentiality issues cannot be ignored."

The drastic changes brought about by the mobile era will be strongly influenced by users in the field, and even by top managers, who are equally plugged into the mobile trend and increasingly more attracted by the possibilities offered by tablets, in particular.

In the same vein, and among other important discussions that took place during the event, there is much emphasis on the challenge of integrating mobile solutions with current operating systems and how to adapt existing or new business procedures. "While many big corporations have recently reached a certain technological maturity in terms of certain IT initiative and good governance, the rise of the mobile trend has had a particularly unsettling effect," explains Samson. "Yes, some IT systems are capable of handling back-end processes, but they cannot automatically handle mobility solutions as well. In this context, we are looking to bring these two elements together and help them to work together, which necessarily entails more development on the mobility side and less on the IT side."

About freedomone mobile

Founded in 2011, freedomone mobile was initially created as a product division of sourcevolution, an IT company offering business intelligence, architecture and development solutions, as well as mobile solutions for large corporations. The mission of freedomone mobile is to internationally market its breakthrough freedomone™, a mobile communication platform enabling organizations to optimize business operations - bi-directionally, contextually and in real time - across multiple channels. To learn more about freedomone mobile, please visit

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