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September 10, 2007 08:30 ET

French Nuclear Energy Agency Selects TotalView® Debugger

Leading Debugging Tool Helps Scientists Maintain France's Defense Capabilities by Speeding Application Development

NATICK, MA--(Marketwire - September 10, 2007) - TotalView Technologies, the world's leading provider of scalable debugging and analysis software solutions for the multi-core era, today announced that CEA/DAM (Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique/Dírection des Applications Militaires), France's Atomic Energy Commission, has adopted its TotalView® Debugger to develop and debug the agency's high-performance computing (HPC) applications.

CEA/DAM maintains the safety and reliability of the French nuclear deterrence capabilities by performing simulations rather than conducting nuclear tests. To perform these simulations, CEA/DAM scientists must develop a range of applications, including nuclear physics, atomic and plasmas physics, materials behavior, unstable or turbulent multiphase flows, optics and electromagnetism. The programs are very large and complex, involving multiple processors and millions of lines of code. The TotalView Debugger allows CEA/DAM's scientists to improve their productivity by reducing the time needed to develop and validate these applications.

The industry's most comprehensive debugging solution for parallel applications, TotalView is powerful and easy to use, dramatically reducing debugging time and enhancing developer productivity. Built to handle the complexities of the world's most demanding programs, TotalView is capable of scaling from one to thousands of processes or threads with applications distributed over multiple machines or processors. TotalView supports multiple platforms, compilers and programming languages.

"We are developing highly complex code using gigantic computing power," said Jacques Noé, operational manager for developing tools of CEA/DAM. "To ensure our scientists' success, we need to provide them with the most comprehensive optimization tools available so they can write their programs efficiently and effectively. The TotalView Debugger meets all our requirements for simplicity and scalability and our developers find it indispensable in developing and debugging their programs."

"The fact that CEA/DAM has chosen the TotalView Debugger to streamline the development and maintain the integrity of its mission-critical applications is a testament to the product's advanced capabilities," said Dick Andersen, vice president of marketing at TotalView Technologies. "The agency is the latest in a growing number of organizations worldwide that are adopting TotalView as their debugging solution of choice."

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