Fresh Breath Clinic

Fresh Breath Clinic

September 17, 2007 12:33 ET

Fresh Breath Clinic: Bad Breath 411

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 17, 2007) -

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The foul odors of stale cooked eggs or even the penetrating pungent odors are what people try to avoid. Where do these stinky smells come from? Bad breath! Thanks to Toronto's own Breath Doc, Anne Bosy of the Fresh Breath Clinic, people no longer have to suffer from the embarrassment of having chronic bad breath.

"Bad breath affects thousands of people. However, once people truly understand how it is caused, they are able to treat it," says the Breath Doc.

Overpopulation of certain types of bacteria is the main cause of bad breath. But, there are other triggers that can also lead to this syndrome. These include: stress, hunger, certain food types, certain diseases or conditions, alcohol, drugs, certain medications, dental diseases, and hormonal changes.

"We are constantly taking in new patients at the Fresh Breath Clinic. There, not only do we educate them, but we also treat them in order to help rid them of their chronic bad breath," says the Breath Doc.

Toronto's one & only Fresh Breath Clinic aspires to provide the most effective service to help people eliminate bad breath. They also strive to develop new methods of treatment and to incorporate them within their clinic.

If you would like more information about the Breath Doc and the Fresh Breath Clinic, please contact Christina Alexakis in the offices of JP Public Relations.

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