January 07, 2011 08:46 ET

Friday AM Lineup: Ford Motor Co., AT&T Inc., Bank of America, Citigroup Inc., Alcoa Inc., Gap Inc., Pfizer Inc., Nokia Inc., Sprint Nextel Corp., dPollution International Inc.

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InvestorXchange highlights the following issues: AT&T Inc.(T), Pfizer Inc.(PFE), Gap Inc.(GPS), Nokia Inc.(NOK), General Motors Co.(GM), Bank of America(BAC), Citigroup Inc.(C), Alcoa Inc.(AA), General Electric Co.(GE), Ford Motor Co.(F), Sprint Nextel Corp.(S) and Friday morning's select issue of our lineup: dPollution International Inc. (PINK SHEETS - RMGX)

On Tuesday 12/28/10 dPollution International Inc. (PINK SHEETS - RMGX) announced a breakthrough in independent research outlining the process by which its patented dPollution Device reconditions fuel to deliver improved mileage and reduced emissions in closed-combustion engines. The research was conducted by chemist Domenico Chiovitti (Order Des Chimistes --1979-144) at the OTI Canada Group research facility in Montreal. OTI is an ISO 9001:2000 certified laboratory specializing in the analysis and testing of fuels and other hydrocarbon-based products. The data shows that the dPollution Device "cracks" the longer-chain hydrocarbons into shorter molecules, resulting in fuel that burns more completely and efficiently. To learn more about this exciting technology visit:

As the global economy recovers and oil prices inevitably rise there will be renewed and growing interest in technologies which can more efficiently squeeze out more mileage out of each drop of oil. dPollution's breakthrough device improves closed-combustion engine performance by effecting changes in the fuel molecules resulting in more thorough and efficient combustion. To understand the staggering impact that this technology might have, you only need to consider the fact that it works on every closed-combustion engine in use today. With closed-combustion engines powering a multitude of vehicles such as trucks, buses, trains and vehicles on farms, construction sites and in the military, and taking into consideration the literally hundreds of millions of passenger cars, the estimated market for this product is virtually unlimited. For more information please visit:

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