February 18, 2011 08:47 ET

Friday Microcap Picks: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Liquidmetal Tech Inc., Bunge Ltd., Raptor Technology Group Inc., Cougar Oil & Gas Canada Inc., Tuffnell Ltd.

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StockMarketLife Alerts investors to the following issues: Fannie Mae(FNMA), Freddie Mac(FMCC), Green Tech Solutions Inc.(GTSO), Synergy Resources Corp.(SYRG), Liquidmetal Tech Inc.(LQMT), H&H Imports Inc.(HNHI), Cyanotech Corp.(CYAN), Li Ion Motors Corp.(LMCO), Brazil Gold Corp.(BRZG), Gateway Industries Inc.(GWAY), APP Pharmaceuticals Inc.(APCVZ), Augme Technologies Inc.(AUGT), Mainland Resources Inc.(MNLU), American Power Corp.(AMPW), Bunge Ltd.(BGEPF), Raptor Technology Group Inc.(RAPT), Sentry Petroleum Ltd.(SPLM), Snap Interactive Inc.(STVI), Franklin Wireless Corp.(FKWL), Tuffnell Ltd.(TUFF), Titan Oil & Gas Inc.(TNGS), Echo Therapeutics Inc.(ECTE), Earth Dragon Resources Inc.(EARH), Cougar Oil & Gas Canada Inc.(COUGF), Advanced Cell Tech Inc.(ACTC), Evarco Inc.(EVCA) and First China Pharmaceutical Group Inc.(FCPG).


Efforts by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to close a $3 Billion budget gap have been met by widespread protests from members of public sector unions most notably teachers. The proposed measures which call for some Union givebacks are a sustainable alternative to raising taxes. In its current financial state, Wisconsin could be looked at, as a microcosm of the United States. Federal, state and municipal governments have grown to financially unsustainable proportions. The only options are to raise taxes or shrink the bloated bureaucracies. Raising taxes is a killer when it comes to attracting investment, something that Wisconsin and the country as a whole desperately need to grow jobs and the economy. Shrinking the government, painful as it may be is the only rational alternative.

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