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March 28, 2008 09:13 ET

Frishberg and Laffer Bust the Bear Market Bubble and Expose the "Tax the Rich" Folly

SUGAR LAND, TX--(Marketwire - March 28, 2008) - If you're hoping that the recent market rally is the end of the Bear Market, I have some bad news... more people are more eager to sell stocks right now than has been in over 20 years -- and fewer want to buy, so stock prices will continue to get lower and lower. Our only hope is if the dollar stops falling and foreign investors rush in to buy our American stock at bargain prices. But there's no sign of any of that happening yet.

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Listen to BizRadio's Daniel Frishberg and Dr. Art Laffer as they have a spirited discussion of all money-related things, including:

--  Why Daniel's Market X-ray predicts that the Bear Market will continue
    until a final "downward swoosh."
--  What market moves to take today if you are careful and like to move
--  What will happen to us all if the 2008 elected majority decides to
    defy Reagan's history lessons and Tax the Rich?
--  Why the Income Tax System will inevitably be altered in the near
    future -- whether we want it to or not -- and what will the new taxes be?
--  Learn more as Dr. Art pumps Daniel for his predictions on when the
    market will reach the bottom, how much further down can t go, and what
    moves should smart investors take right now?
--  And finally, Daniel helps a caller see clearly through the Big Bond
    Market Lie that is being peddled by alarmist financial journalists. Don't
    believe what your read and don't be panicked into a bad strategy!

Here's yet another chance for you to eavesdrop on two of the investment world's most open and honest financial and economic experts as they discuss and dissect the hot money topics of the day, only on BizRadio and Industrialinfo Radio.

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