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August 19, 2008 08:00 ET

From Bears and Wolves to Tibet -- Razor Digital Entertainment Together With MagicPlay Announces New Blu-ray Documentary DVD Releases to Entertain and Educate the Whole Family

MENLO PARK, CA--(Marketwire - August 19, 2008) - Razor Digital Entertainment, a full-service DVD and digital distribution company, today announced its line-up of new Blu-ray documentary DVD releases that will entertain and educate the entire family. Titles include: "BEARS," "WOLVES," "OCEAN OASIS," "GREAT NORTH," "GUGE: THE LOST KINGDOM OF TIBET" and "EMPEROR OF THE SEAS."

Razor Digital Entertainment teamed up with MagicPlay to release this award-winning catalog of large format films that originally were shot on 70mm film and released in IMAX® and other Giant Screen theatres. These films have been re-mastered in high definition and are being released in Blu-ray and standard formats. The success of "Africa: The Serengeti," which has been one of the top 10 selling documentaries on, encouraged Razor Digital Entertainment to present more of these types of documentaries. In all the films, Razor and MagicPlay maintain top-quality production values, using the most advanced film transferring technique and video compression, delivering the original film and sound in Blu-ray to keep viewers watching and to convey the feeling of actually "being there."

Conservationists will enjoy the attention given to the risk of extinction faced by some species and the messages of hope to save endangered species and our environment. History buffs will appreciate the period-accurate portrayals of people and cultures that existed centuries ago. Multiple languages and subtitles with a special feature to access closed captions make it easy for everyone to view these films, which are appropriate for all family members and classrooms around the world.

"BEARS" ($24.99) follows several species of bears in their stunning natural habitats, ranging from forests to the Arctic Tundra. Viewers watch as they struggle to survive to raise their cubs in the ever-changing, human-dominated world, and we learn why protecting bears benefits wildlife and people everywhere. (Available now).

"WOLVES" ($24.99) features intimate and rarely seen footage of one of North America's greatest predators: Canis Lupus. With locations including Yellowstone National Park, Montana, Idaho, Alaska and Quebec, the moving soundtrack of Native American music pays homage to the culture's respect for, and close relationship to, wolves. This film offers hope and inspiration -- a look at the good that people can do when they care enough to correct some of the mistakes than threaten the health of the natural world. (Order date: 6/24/08, Release date: 7/29/08).

"OCEAN OASIS" ($24.99) invites the viewer to both enjoy and profoundly reflect on the future of one of the most splendid natural jewels of the planet, the Gulf of California. The Sea of Cortés rates as one of the most significant marine ecosystems on our planet, and The Nature Conservancy has designated it as one of the world's Last Great Places. "OCEAN OASIS" conveys in the most compelling terms the reasons why this place has become such a high priority for conservation (Order date: 7/22/08, Release date: 8/26/08).

"GREAT NORTH" ($24.99) is a documentary from directors Martin J. Dignard and William Reeve, who bring viewers the arctic landscapes first seen in the classic 1922 film "Nanook of the North." "GREAT NORTH" covers such chilly terrain as icebergs, rivers, mountains, and valleys and explores the hardy people who have lived harmoniously with the harsh elements of the Arctic. (Order date: 8/12/08, Release date: 9/16/08).

"GUGE: THE LOST KINGDOM OF TIBET" ($19.99) presents a historical and cultural journey back to the Guge Kingdom, the extraordinary Christian and Himalayan Buddhist civilization that flourished for seven hundred years and then vanished mysteriously in the 17th century. The film reveals a recent discovery that may shed light on how this great culture disappeared nearly 400 years ago. With the great amount of attention currently being paid to Tibetan Buddhism the plight of people in Tibet, many will be interested to learn about this once-strong hub of civilization and the center of prosperity, which is brought to life with realistic reenactments and vivid costumes and sets. (Order date: 7/22/08, Release date: 8/26/08).

"EMPEROR OF THE SEAS" ($24.99) tells the story of Zheng He, who changed the course of history when he led seven naval expeditions sponsored by the Ming government between 1405 and 1433. With his flag "treasure ship," which was 400 feet long and almost five times larger than Columbus' ship, Zheng He led his mighty fleet 87 years earlier Columbus' voyage and 116 years earlier than Magellan's expedition. With as many as 300 ships and 28,000 crewmen, Zheng He's ships traveled to Southeast Asia, the Persian Gulf and as far as Africa, developing mutual trade, exchanging culture and technologies, communicating traffic on the sea and promoting social and economic development in the lands they visited. (Order date: 8/12/08, Release date: 9/16/08).

These DVDs are available at better retail stores everywhere and all major online stores including at Amazon and Netflix. To learn more about these and other Razor releases, visit

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