March 17, 2010 11:53 ET

From Guinness to Resveratrol !!

WATERFORD, IRELAND--(Marketwire - March 17, 2010) - An Irish company "Resveratrolshop" based in Waterford, home of the famous Waterford Crystal brand hope they can reach out to a world audience in promoting their Irish brand of resveratrol called "FionRua"( Irish for red wine).

For anyone who has never heard of resveratrol it is a food supplement that is been spoken off as the new anti-aging wonder product with numerous health benefits being linked to it. Resveratrol is an anti-oxidant that can be produced from the skin of red grapes. Harvard School Professor, Dr David Sinclair found that resveratrol activated a gene called SIRT1. When this gene is activated, it produces proteins that protect cells from inflammation and oxidative stress, two of the prime causes of premature aging and many degenerative diseases. The Harvard study may explain the "French Paradox", that resveratrol in red wine may contribute to the low incidences of coronary heart disease in France, despite the high dietary intake of saturated fats.

While the Irish are better known for their love of Guinness, this Irish company hope to convince the public that by taking Resveratrol you can gain all the benefits of drinking red wine without the alcohol. With a daily intake of resveratrol, they suggest that you will enjoy the benefits of a longer and healthier life and still have time to enjoy a Guinness or a glass of red wine if that is what you desire.

Can Resveratrolshop become as world renown as Guinness and Waterford Crystal? We are providing a high purity product and at a price that appeals to the general public so with a greater awareness of good health and well being amongst people, we hope that "FionRua" can become an Irish brand of note, a spokesman for Resveratrolshop stated.

Their products can be purchased online at and also coming to health food stores throughout the USA in the coming months.

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