February 22, 2017 13:12 ET

From The Creators Of The NY Tri Expo And A Triathlete's Diary Comes A National Virtual Triathlete Team

LONG BEACH, NY--(Marketwired - February 22, 2017) - More than 100 people have already joined WeRTriathletes, a new international virtual triathlete team, formed by the creators of the NY Tri Expo and acclaimed blog, A Triathlete's Diary. Membership is currently open and sponsorship opportunities are also available.

"After running the New York Tri Expo last year and hearing the daily feedback on my blog, A Triathlete's Diary, I noticed there was a great need for a team like this," said Hilary JM Topper, organizer of WeRTriathletes and CEO of HJMT Public Relations Inc., a leading New York Public Relations and Social Media agency. "This team is for those in the sport that don't necessary want to podium, that may never podium, but are doing this to have fun, meet like-minded people, be inspired and supported and stay/get healthy."

WeRTriathletes is open to members nationwide and internationally. We have members from Texas, Seattle, New York, Florida, Spain, and Australia. Anyone who loves to swim, bike and/or run and whose main objective is to get healthy and have a great time are welcome to join.

Team members will receive:

▪ Support from a certified triathlon coach who is a former pro-triathlete

▪ Camaraderie with other members of the team

▪ Webinars, workshops and more from experts in the field to help you improve on various skills related to swim, bike, and/or run

▪ Information from nutritionists and other health professionals

▪ Access to customized tri kits, bicycle, and running attire, showing the world that you are part of an international tri team

▪ Suggested races and calendars

▪ Major discounts and freebies from sponsors

▪ And more!

Topper adds, "We expect the team to keep growing as we are still in the beginning stages. If you are looking for a team to help motivate, inspire and provide you with great learning tools for success, WeRTriathletes is the team for you! If you're looking to target triathletes, consider sponsoring our team and get directly in front of your target market."

To join WeRTriathletes, follow: Membership is $30. Use discount code 50FF, and receive a $5 discount at check out.

Sponsorship opportunities are also available. If interested in learning more, contact us as at 347-696-0220. Current sponsors include: Salming, remodeez, TriSports, Endurance Films, Roka, Infinit Nutrition, Balega Socks and NormaTec.

About A Triathlete's Diary

Created by Hilary Topper, A Triathlete's Diary is an acclaimed blog that focuses on swimming, biking, and running. This blog features product reviews, race overviews, personal blog posts and interviews with experts that all deal with the latest news and trends in the triathlon world. More than 50,000 people currently follow this blog.

About The New York Tri Expo

The New York Tri Expo '16, established by HJMT Media Company featured running, cycling and swimming experts and brands. It took place on March 19, 2016, at Citi Field. Thousands of triathletes, runners, swimmers and cyclists from across the Tri-State attended with 70 exhibitors and more than 20 informative seminars. People who attended were able to talk with nutritionists, coaches, race directors, and other leading experts to help them reach their goals for the season. Major sponsorship opportunities available for a four-market tour in 2018.

About WeRTriathletes

WeRTriathletes is an international virtual triathlon team for those who just love to be out there for health, camaraderie and fun. Getting to podium is not the main objective, WeRTriathletes is here to help one another in a supportive environment. For more information, join the team's mailing list here or like its Facebook page. For additional questions, call 347-696-0220.

The following files are available for download:

Contact Information

  • Lisa Gordon
    HJMT Public Relations Inc.