February 20, 2006 11:00 ET

From the Luggage With the Grooves to the Luggage With Four Wheels

Samsonite Purchases License for Innovative RIMOWA Patent

COLOGNE, GERMANY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 20, 2006 --RIMOWA, the manufacturer of the high-quality "luggage with the grooves" has now awarded Samsonite, one of the global market leaders for luggage, a license for an innovative patent. The subject of the license is a novel concept for steering rollers for suitcases. RIMOWA uses this patent in its multiwheel concept -- the RIMOWA solution for the "luggage with four wheels." The RIMOWA Multiwheel Trolley provides customers with enhanced security and more mobility while traveling.

Common wheeled suitcases that are pulled by travelers have a tendency to tip over -- often with just the smallest bit of unevenness and increasingly with larger bumps. The multiwheel system, however, makes it exceptionally easy to move on 4 double steering rollers -- even when fully loaded. This suitcase rolls on a total of 8 separate ball-bearing wheels. This allows for loads of up to 50 kilograms per double steering roller.

An additional feature in the multiwheel suitcases from RIMOWA is that the double steering rollers can each turn by 360 degrees. The multiwheel system has perfect rolling characteristics thanks to a wheel diameter of 65 mm and has very little rolling and swiveling resistance when moving on all four wheels. However, it can be easily rolled on two wheels using the multi-level, aluminum telescope handle or, for example in narrow aisles in trains, upright on two rollers.

Dieter Morszeck, the third generation of RIMOWA management in Cologne, is the inventor of this patented system. "The idea for these double steering rollers is actually quite simple: the principle is similar to the rollers used in office chairs," states Morszeck. "Having Samsonite take out one of our licenses is a great distinction for our work and it documents our commitment to useful innovations."

The "Quick Change System" is another advantage of the multiwheel series by RIMOWA. If a wheel is ever damaged, the suitcase does not have to go in for expensive repairs. The customer is able to exchange the wheel himself with just a Phillips-head screwdriver. Spare wheels are delivered quickly and conveniently.

In the future, all aluminum multiwheel series will have unique "wheel cap" designs. An example of this principle can be found in the extremely popular new model TANGO. Individual logos can also be integrated into the wheel cap design for corporate customers.

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