EcoChic Lifestyles

EcoChic Lifestyles

June 30, 2014 12:22 ET

From Yesterday's Fishing Boats to the Modern Day Home, EcoChic Lifestyles Creates Upscale Furniture That You Can Feel Good About

Home Decor Company EcoChic Lifestyles Is Leading a Reclaimed Materials Revolution by Offering Homeowners Hand-Cut Wood and Metal Furnishings Sourced From Bridges, Boats and Bungalows

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwired - June 30, 2014) - EcoChic Lifestyles CEO Megan Risdon doesn't believe in cookie-cutter housing.

She developed her renegade sense of style after experiencing the constrictive sensibilities of the corporate world. She knew there had to be a better way to live, a way to create a career full of deep meaning, and she found it by looking in a mirror.

But this wasn't any ordinary mirror.

"This wasn't just anonymous wood from a factory," Risdon says. "It had a former life that gave it character and personality."

This mirror was framed with reclaimed tropical wood, and the colors and grains captivated and inspired Megan. She began to dig into the history of reclaimed wood, and she quickly unearthed stories from the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami- stories of homeowners salvaging destroyed fishing boats and using them to create decorative home art.

This caught her attention - people in one of the most disaster-prone parts of the world were creating beauty out of devastation. They were transforming symbols of loss and destruction into symbols of life and victory, and by placing these symbols in their homes, they were forging a deep personal connection with their country and their loved ones. This inspired Megan to start EcoChic Lifestyles in an effort to help homeowners inject beauty and meaning into their homes.

EcoChic Lifestyles creates beautiful upscale furniture out of reclaimed materials, often using wood from tropical fishing boats and iron from bridges in its creations. Every creation is as unique as the person who buys it, having been expertly crafted and cut by hand for a brilliantly bespoke look.

EcoChic Lifestyles operates its online store at, making it easier than ever for consumers to find great conversation pieces and colorful furnishings that can define a room. With high-resolution photos, dimension details and clear categories, finding the exact piece that you want is as simple as pushing a button. This easy-to-navigate site puts the 'welcome' in 'welcome home', and the seamless shopping experience means you can have high-quality custom furniture delivered straight to your door. Simply create your account by entering an email address and password, then save your favorite items to your shopping cart. Checkout takes only a few moments with your Visa or MasterCard, and you can expect curbside delivery to any location in the United States or Canada within two weeks. Now, you can have the unique reclaimed wood or metal furnishings you've always dreamed of - without spending countless hours in a department store.

For your next home furnishing project, embrace the beauty and historicity of reclaimed décor items. Embrace the EcoChic lifestyle!

From yesterday's fishing boats to the modern-day home, EcoChic Lifestyles creates artful twists on old classics in their one-of-a-kind reclaimed wood and metal furnishings. Designers and homeowners love the history and quality of these hand-built attention-getting pieces from South East Asia. For more information, or to find the perfect piece for any room, contact Founder and CEO Megan Risdon. EcoChic Lifestyles can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+.

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