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September 23, 2014 08:00 ET

Fronto Announces Mobile Advertisers in Entertainment and Gaming Industries -- Capitalizing on 16 Billion Dollar Home Lock Screen Market Opportunity

Fronto's Free Android Home Lock Screen Mobile App Offers Rewards of up to $100 per Week for People -- a Huge Marketing Opportunity on the Home Lock Screen for Advertisers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 23, 2014) -  Fronto, inventor of the Android app designed to give people rewards delivered to the home lock screen, today announced new customers in the mobile gaming and entertainment industries -- leading the trend in the mobile home screen becoming a piece of highly valuable mobile real estate and the future of mobile ads. These new customers are seeing tremendous value from using Fronto's lock screen app to deliver surgically targeted mobile ads to people's mobile home screens -- something they look at over 150 times per day.

Until now, the home screen has been greatly underutilized by advertisers: according to a white paper from Mobile Posse, the physical space of the mobile home screen has been valued at $16B per square inch, and the race is on to claim that prime real estate for brands and advertisers. Fronto users can earn up to $100 in only a week, just by viewing advertisements and content on the home screen of their mobile device and advertisers are looking to the home screen as the new frontier of mobile ads.

The new Fronto clients announced today include:

  • Discotech, a nightlife reservations app that uses geolocation for mobile advertising to enable users to make reservations and get on guest lists for exclusive bars, nightclubs and special events in L.A., Las Vegas and San Francisco.
  • Playnery, a mobile app game developer of interactive role-playing games such as "Mother of Myth;" Playnery is using Fronto's gender and age targeting to reach a highly targeted audience based on demographics, that currently, only a few media can provide. Today, even Twitter doesn't support age targeting.
  • WGT Media, an innovative sports gaming company with over 15 million players worldwide across online, social and mobile platforms. They are the leading browser based golf game with the largest partnerships in golf and a developer of realistic online golf games.

"We advertise with Fronto because their lock screen app delivers a high level of specific demographic targeting, for example, males from age 18 to 35, and our lock screen advertising on Fronto, has achieved an impression-to-conversion rate of 3.2%, which is about 30-40% higher than other campaigns in the same category," said Kenneth Ryu, VP of Operations at Playnery. "In the mobile space, only a very small number of media can provide this level of surgical targeting. Facebook is one of them and Fronto is the only other company that can offer this today."

Fronto is aiming to transform the way users engage with mobile apps and mobile content by offering its advertisers precise-interesting targeting using geo-targeting, age, gender, time/date targeting; by uncovering the apps they are currently using as well as the apps they don't use, and their device type. The advertisements appear directly on the users' home lock screens, putting these messages at the center both their screen and their attention. Users can download the Fronto android app for free at:

Fronto's Precise Interest Targeting -- How it Works

Fronto's lock screen app delivers customized news, apps, deals and discounts to android users by curating and presenting the content each time the users unlock the home screen of their devices -- and it rewards users by paying them points that can be redeemed for special offers. To date, Fronto users have obtained $30 million in rewards. The opportunity for advertisers is to reach a highly targeted, highly engaged audience that is more likely to be interested in the offer. 

"Fronto will be an important part of our Android marketing strategy," said Oliver Cheng, Mobile Marketing Manager for WGT Media, a developer of realistic online golf games. "By displaying mobile ads on the home lock screen, we are making a significant impact in helping us reach a highly targeted audience of people with an affinity for golf and playing games on their mobile devices."

Mobile ads on the home screen are an ideal fit for mobile gaming companies, since consumer behavior with mobile devices is a good fit for presenting people with ideas for new mobile games to play. For example, according to the Mobile Posse white paper, 42% of people say that they pick up their phones to kill time -- mobile device usage is driven by the concept of "found time:" little pockets of free time that open up during the day and allow people to check the news, refresh their social media feeds, or play a mobile app game.

Reaching Consumers at the Right Moment

Instead of banner ads which are almost always ignored, or in-stream ads which might not be reaching a targeted audience, Fronto delivers high-value real estate to advertisers by putting the advertisers' content, apps and offers directly in front of users at the moment when they are most focused and engaged with their mobile devices, and most likely to buy. 

"Fronto is ideal for reaching our consumer audience right at the moment of impact," said Mark Wu, COO of Discotech. "A big part of our target audience is people who come to L.A. or Las Vegas who are looking for last-minute deals, such as concert tickets or reservations at a bar or restaurant, and Fronto helps us precisely target these users at the moment when they are ready to make a purchase decision."

Research cited in the white paper from Mobile Posse found that mobile users are often driven by a "fear of missing out" that keeps them checking their phones, whether it's for new messages or new social media alerts -- 51% of people say that notifications are the first thing they check when they pick up their phone. This drive to stay connected is one reason why mobile ads delivered to the lock screen are likely to be especially relevant and timely. With Fronto, advertisers now can present consumers with targeted, relevant offers right when they are deciding where to go for dinner, what to do for fun on the weekend, or which movie or concert or nightclub they want to experience that night. 

Demographic Targeting

One advantage of Fronto's lock screen app is that it helps advertisers reach exactly the right audience and it puts the message in front of people in a way that will not be missed or overlooked. Playnery, a mobile app game developer that has created interactive games such as "Mother of Myth," uses Fronto to reach a highly targeted audience based on demographics.

The mobile home screen represents the biggest emerging opportunity for mobile marketing. Instead of focusing on mobile apps or in-app marketing (which depend on the consumer taking multiple steps -- downloading the app, using the app, engaging with in-app ads, etc.), more advertisers should look at new ways to influence consumer behavior by engaging with consumers earlier into the process -- by connecting with a select audience of users every time they pick up their mobile devices.

"We believe that the lock screen is the future of mobile advertising," said Luke Ahn, CEO of Fronto. "We're seeing strong momentum on behalf of our advertising partners, and consumers -- specifically with millennials and teenagers who love the convenience of getting paid just to unlock their mobile device screens. Instead of getting lost in the clutter of many screens of mobile apps, Fronto puts brands at front and center of the most valuable real estate in the world -- the mobile lock screen." 

About Fronto

The first app of its kind, Fronto is a rewards app that enables Android users to earn money by engaging with ads, deals and relevant articles in their lock screen. Fronto's proprietary lock screen technology gives advertisers an effective vehicle to deliver full screen content to mobile users. Fronto is the U.S. arm of NBT Partners (the inventor of the lock screen advertising model) and has offices in San Francisco, Calif. NBT has over 1.6 million daily active users in Korea, is ranked one of the top 10 free social apps in the Google Play store in Korea, and has a total of over 9 million downloads and over 30 million reward dollars paid out overall. For more information, go to and to see how Fronto works, watch this short (1 minute) intro video.

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