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April 01, 2007 05:01 ET

Frozen Tundra Melting; HSAs to Blame; New Study Proves to Be an Inconvenient Truth for Governor Doyle

The "Frozen Tundra" Is Melting

GREEN BAY, WI -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 1, 2007 -- Three years ago, a hot spot developed that changed nearly one-third of the legendary landscape -- up five percentage points just this year. A new study suggests the environment is growing so hot that 60% of the remaining 'Tundra will melt.

A quarterly study of 600 CEOs, Business Owners and GMs in and around Green Bay (The Frozen Tundra, according to Chris Berman of ESPN) revealed that Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are heating up the healthcare environment to a degree greater than anywhere else on earth: Green Bay continues leading the USA in HSA adoption for the second year in a row.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 7% of employers nationally offer an HSA plan. In the 'Tundra, however, 30% of business owners and CEOs offer HSAs. It must be something in the cheese (fondue by now the market's so hot!).

The hottest thing about the HSA plans in Green Bay is that 73% of the CEOs are depositing dollars directly into employees' health savings accounts to be saved -- or used -- for healthcare expenses.

The study -- conducted in 10 NE Wisconsin counties in Jan/Feb 2007 -- is available at: Click On: Health Insurance Costs/Part Two: HSAs

The 'Tundra continues heating up despite the chilling efforts of Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle. Doyle doused HSAs -- twice: Two years in a row he vetoed legislation that put HSAs for Wisconsin workers on par with US workers. Doyle remains the only governor in the US to veto it twice; he's vowed to veto again.

The 'Tundra burns; the Governor fiddles. The 'Tundra leads in HSAs; the Governor leads in vetoes. The 'Tundra, apparently, will freeze over before the Governor discovers his own inconvenient truth.

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