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August 10, 2009 15:18 ET

Fruitful Canada-Quebec Partnership: Maison Saint-Gabriel Expansion in Montreal Allocated $5.3 million in Funding

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Aug. 10, 2009) - Today, Senator Andree Champagne, on behalf of the Government of Canada, and Marguerite Blais, Quebec Minister Responsible for Seniors and MNA for Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne, on behalf of the Government of Quebec, announced joint federal-provincial cultural funding benefiting the residents of Montreal.

"Promoting the development of our cultural institutions is important to our government. The project will enable the Congregation de Notre-Dame to make use of major museum infrastructure that will benefit all of the nuns, volunteers and persons involved in this great Montreal institution. In contributing to the Maison Saint-Gabriel project, the Government of Canada is creating jobs and is helping to bolster our cultural institutions," said Senator Andree Champagne.

"Infrastructure and cultural centres that are attractive and informative make access to culture possible. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Congregation de Notre-Dame for its steadfast support in operating the museum since its establishment and for its contribution to the preservation and presentation of our heritage. In donating its residence, the Congregation has once again demonstrated its commitment to the museum community and cultural development," stated Minister Marguerite Blais.

The $5.3 million in funding will serve to upgrade the Jeanne Le Ber residence and incorporate it into the Maison Saint-Gabriel site. The acquisition of the building, which was donated by the Congregation de Notre-Dame, makes it possible to expand the Montreal and Quebec history museum, with the addition of a pavilion housing a visitor reception area and visitor services.

The Government of Canada is contributing $2.1 million under its new $4-billion Infrastructure Stimulus Fund, which is part of Canada's Economic Action Plan, announced in the January 2009 Budget. The Government of Canada has earmarked $936 million in the fund for projects in Quebec.

A portion of the Government of Quebec's contribution will be allocated by the Quebec Department of Culture, Communications and the Status of Women (MCCCF), which is injecting $2 million into the project.

That amount will be allocated under the Quebec Infrastructure Plan, announced in November 2007. It should be noted that the cultural component of the Plan provides for $1.2 billion in funding up to 2013. Together with the contribution of partners, the total amount is estimated at over $2 billion and will enable the MCCCF to accommodate a greater number of projects under its programs and to promote, as it has done today with its announcement, the outreach of cities and regions throughout the province.

The remaining $1.2 million in Government of Quebec funding will be allocated under the Metropolis Development Fund of the Quebec Department of Municipal Affairs, Regions and Land Occupancy (MAMROT). This significant contribution will go toward ensuring the quality and compatibility of the residence's landscaping so as to successfully incorporate the residence into the site. Thanks to its historical significance and tourism outreach, the Maison Saint-Gabriel will continue to play a key role in the metropolis's development and reach.

The balance of the funding will be provided by the Maison Saint-Gabriel and its public- and private-sector partners.


Maison Saint-Gabriel

Located in Pointe St Charles, in Montreal's Sud-Ouest Borough, the Maison Saint-Gabriel was classified as a historic monument in 1965 by the Government of Quebec and is within a protected area that includes the Jeanne Le Ber residence. The mission of the Maison Saint-Gabriel, which was opened to the public in 1966, is to connect visitors to the cultural, religious and social heritage of Quebec left by the Congregation de Notre-Dame and its founder, Marguerite Bourgeoys. The Maison Saint-Gabriel's numerous and diverse museum activities draw many visitors, whose numbers have increased more than tenfold over the last decade. The addition of a pavilion will help improve visitor services and the conditions for carrying out activities.

The actual cost of the project is estimated at $6.4 million, and the entire project is estimated at $9.5 million when including the value of the building and land being donated. A portion of the Government of Quebec's contribution will be allocated by the Quebec Department of Culture, Communications and the Status of Women (MCCCF), which is injecting $2 million into the project. The funding will be allocated under the MCCCF's Quebec Infrastructure Program following a positive recommendation by the Forum des Equipements Culturels, a body comprising the MCCCF and the City of Montreal charged with developing a joint vision for Montreal's cultural facilities. The Government of Canada's contribution will be allocated under its Infrastructure Stimulus Fund.

Infrastructure Stimulus Fund in Quebec

On July 28, 2009, Canada and Quebec announced a joint investment of over $130 million for 24 infrastructure projects that will help create jobs and stimulate the economy.

The Infrastructure Stimulus Fund and the funding made available by Quebec complement existing federal infrastructure funding by focusing on short-term objectives for economic stimulus. To further this goal of rapid economic stimulus, the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund will focus on construction-readiness as the main project selection criterion. The full $4 billion will be distributed in fiscal years 2009-2010 and 2010-2011. The projects chosen will focus largely on the rehabilitation of existing assets, such as water and wastewater infrastructure, public transit, highways, roads, culture, parks and trails. For provincial projects, the federal and provincial governments will each contribute up to fifty percent of eligible costs. For municipal projects and projects proposed by private not-for-profit organizations, the federal and provincial governments will contribute up to two thirds of eligible costs, with the municipalities and private not-for-profit organizations expected to contribute the remaining one third.

The Quebec government is well acquainted with infrastructure needs throughout the province, as well as the projects that, by their nature, are the most likely to be able to get off the ground quickly in order to stimulate the economy in the short term. The Quebec government has thus identified projects that met the eligibility criteria of the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund and that would also meet the province's longer-term needs. Each application was evaluated according to criteria such as readiness, federal environmental assessment requirements, and the funding requested by the applicant.

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