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September 22, 2010 07:42 ET

Frustrated Car Dealers Form Alliance -- Have Record Sales Amid Worst Months in 28 Years

NASHVILLE, TN--(Marketwire - September 22, 2010) -  Automobile sales in various dealerships fortunate to be members of the S.M.A. Alliance are experiencing extreme unit volume increases in auto sales and achieving higher gross revenue per unit, despite indications of 'sinking auto sales,' as reported by AutoTrends.

Each S.M.A. Alliance dealer member is quick to point to this underground alliance as the reason for sudden boosts in their sales by an average of 40 units per month, achieved simply by joining the alliance and accessing online marketing years ahead of the industry. As these alliance members already seem to be enjoying rays of sunshine when the rest of the auto industry is beginning to panic under darkening clouds, S.M.A. Alliance members now seem to be basking in the rainbow with the latest advent of alliance technology integration, called Virtual BDC.

S.M.A. Alliance quietly announced its new Virtual BDC in August as a supplement to its standard intelligent online marketing system, which generates 30 to 50 local buyer calls into each alliance member dealership, every day. Since the new Virtual BDC product has gone live for existing members, it has produced unexpected results.

The Virtual BDC product surprised alliance leaders in live performance, producing a 64% increase of buyer conversion compared to the standard 10% conversion rates for each member. Initial indications from market tests earlier in the year had set buyer conversion expectations at only 35% increase for S.M.A. Alliance members. One Dealer member, Randall Reeds Planet Dodge, in Houston, Texas experienced the increase resulting in 7 units sold on the first day on the S.M.A. Alliance Virtual BDC program. Live calls producing these results were recorded and may be heard here:

Another dealer member, Dan Laube, director of Stadium Auto in Dallas, TX, stated, "S.M.A. Alliance has so many buyers finding us that we have to be reminded the nation is in economic turmoil... we honestly forget!"

S.M.A. Alliance's Virtual BDC program allows car dealers to reduce in-house BDC costs by as much as 90% compared to managing an in-house BDC and is shown to be 64% more effective than average BDCs, primarily due to the leadership, skill and training of the S.M.A. Alliance Virtual BDC division. Mr. Baker, Founder of S.M.A. Alliance, cited the extraordinary success of the Virtual BDC was "due to the strength of the division's Vice President and true leader, Troy Martoccia."

Mr. Martoccia has 22 years automotive industry experience with proven requisites in constructing multi-million dollar annual revenue streams for such organizations as Bill Heard Chevrolet, Crencor Leasing and Larry H. Miller Group. His field leadership and live example of skill representing each dealer in the Virtual BDC program is on display at

Mr. Baker stated, "Listening to 2 or 3 calls received and converted by Mr. Martoccia on the phone, quickly clarifies how our members are now selling up to 80 plus additional units per month, just from our program."

Clearly, this underground alliance of automobile dealers is the new mainstream and unfortunately many are too slow to react. The slow reaction by the industry as a whole to join this alliance has been due to long term members' reluctance to share their golden treasure with competitors and the general disbelief that it is possible. As many "heretics" died claiming the Earth was round and revolved around the sun, even after Columbus had discovered the Americas, many dealers will continue to die while others prosper in the new age of intelligent online lead generation, currently dominated by this small group of Allied dealers. 

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Randall Reeds Planet Dodge, Houston, TX
Anthony Baker, Founder, SMA Alliance, LLC
Dan Laube, Stadium Auto, Dallas, TX

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