SOURCE: FSBO Media Holdings, Inc.

September 12, 2006 10:00 ET

FSBO Media Holdings Expands Into High Tech Radio Frequency Identification Technolgy (RFID)

Technology Targets Airline Security, Military and Homeland Defense

CORAL SPRINGS, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 12, 2006 -- FSBO Media Holdings, (PINKSHEETS: FSMH) announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire TOTALtrak™, a business product line that has multiple applications including personnel security technology applications that will assist the military, law enforcement, homeland defense, coal mining/underground mining, firefighters, first responders, athletics and other businesses in tracking people, baggage, children, elder care and assets.

Steve Bazsuly, Chairman of FSMH said, "The potential of TOTALtrak™ is huge as the markets over the next three to five years will grow to more than $3 billion annually. The market potential for the technology in airline baggage handling alone that tracks luggage from check in to pickup is enormous. The tag security system does not prevent the unauthorized removal of a tag but it does prevent the removed tag from going unnoticed. When the protected tag is removed, the tag's identifying characteristics are altered. The system recognizes the change and immediately transmits date/time-stamped alerts to the command console and asset custodian." He also added, "This acquisition could drive substantial revenues to FSMH and its wholly owned subsidiary Presidential Holdings which will market the product line to the military as well as other governmental agencies."

TOTALtrak™ has a patent pending technology for tracking the location, condition, and the performance of workers in harsh and hazardous environments. This technology provides real time information on the condition and vital signs of the injured which is critical for the emergency first responder in getting aid to the patient quickly. Another technology is a motion detection system that will determine the location of people through multiple walls.

About TOTALtrak™

TOTALtrak™ is a high-tech engineering and software development company that utilizes its patent-pending state-of-the-art radio frequency identification (MRID™) and communications technologies, global positioning technologies and advanced programming to create a total solution for managing personnel and assets. The company's co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Tony Hines, has served as President and CEO of several corporations. He has successfully developed numerous technologies over the years. Tony was honored in 1996 with a National Broadcast Emmy Award for his engineering work on the Centennial Olympic Games and holds many patents on leading edge technology. TOTALtrak's management team consists of a mix of high level engineers, engineer/scientists, software technologists and experienced managers. TOTALtrak's management team brings together entrepreneurial, technical and professional managers with demonstrated excellence in starting, growing and running technical companies. This team shares a combined portfolio of accomplishments that includes in excess of thirty patents, six Emmy awards for engineering excellence in broadcast engineering and numerous other honors and awards for achievements in its respective fields.

The Product Line

TOTALtrak's Multiple Range Identification (MRID™) system transmits multiple codes, which allows it to do everything standard RFID does with added functionality of determining direction and proximity of the tag to the reader. RFID tags transmit the tag's presence and identity; and MRID™ tags transmit the tag's presence, identity, distance and direction.

TOTALtrak is comprised of an MRID™ Asset Tracking System which handles asset tracking, remote data storage and communications; and includes a Data Management System, which handles asset monitoring and historical data storage.

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