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March 19, 2013 08:00 ET

Fuel Freedom Foundation Appoints New Director of Research

Former TIAX LLC Director Michael D. Jackson Joins Fuel Freedom Foundation's Effort to End America's Addiction to Oil

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwire - Mar 19, 2013) - Fuel Freedom Foundation, a nonpartisan, nonprofit campaign dedicated to breaking America's oil addiction, announces Michael D. Jackson as its new Director of Research.

Fuel Freedom Foundation advocates for an open fuel market to enable cheaper, cleaner, American-made replacement fuels to compete fairly with gasoline at the pump. Competition will drive down transportation fuel prices, create jobs and promote innovation. Jackson's 40 years of experience working on feasibility studies and full-scale demonstrations of alternative fuels and energy systems complements the foundation's efforts, and will provide insight and solid direction in research project decisions.

Prior to joining Fuel Freedom Foundation, Jackson served as senior director of Transportation Technology at TIAX LLC, a laboratory-based technology development company that takes early-stage inventions and transforms them into technology-enabled products ready for commercialization. There, Jackson was responsible for transportation policies and technologies toward improving vehicle emissions and fuel economy.

"I am most pleased to be joining Fuel Freedom Foundation. The Transportation Technology group at TIAX has played a key role in demonstrating the viability of cleaner replacement fuels in the transportation sector, and helps to establish both supply- and demand-side measures to encourage the use of these fuels," said Jackson. "I look forward to continuing my work at Fuel Freedom Foundation in the effort to demonstrate the viability of replacement fuels like ethanol, methanol and natural gas. The goal is to enable the current vehicle fleet to utilize these abundant, domestic fuels, and then drive mass adoption for them and end America's addiction to oil."

Opening the fuels market by breaking the oil monopoly is America's next giant leap forward. By commercializing cheaper, cleaner and domestically produced replacement fuels, we can strengthen the economy, relieve families from the burden of high gasoline prices, secure our nation from oil-producing adversarial countries and significantly reduce harmful air toxins. Enabling cars to utilize replacement fuels is safe and most cars would require simple, inexpensive modifications to become flex fuel.

Jackson is internationally recognized for his work on low-emission, heavy-duty engines and vehicles. He has worked with California agencies on demonstrating the feasibility of alternative fuels for light- and heavy-duty vehicles, developing a cost-benefit analysis suggesting goals to reduce California's dependence on petroleum, and helping develop the California Hydrogen Highway Network and Alternative Fuels Plan. In addition, he has provided expert testimony to Congress and to California legislative entities on the use of alternative fuels in the transportation sector. He has also been an expert witness on litigation regarding California's greenhouse gas vehicle regulations and Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) contamination.

"Michael's background and knowledge of transportation policy, fuel and emissions technology and feasibility of transitioning to replacement fuels gives Fuel Freedom Foundation a strategic edge, as we move forward to attain our goal of ending America's addiction to oil," said Eyal Aronoff, Co-Founder of Fuel Freedom Foundation. "Michael will be instrumental to our efforts and an asset to our team."

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Fuel Freedom Foundation is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to breaking the U.S. economy's oil addiction by powering cars and trucks with cheaper, cleaner, healthier American replacement fuels. Consumers could easily convert their cars to run on replacement fuels for gasoline, but outdated regulations and entrenched commercial interests stand in the way. The Fuel Freedom campaign works to remove barriers to competition so that natural gas, methanol, ethanol and electricity can compete on equal footing with gasoline at the pump and the dealership. Achieving Fuel Freedom will lower fuel prices, create jobs, spur economic growth, reduce pollution, and improve national and global security. For more information go to the Foundation's website at; Facebook: FuelFreedomFoundation; and Twitter: @FuelFreedomNow.

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