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March 28, 2013 16:57 ET

Fuel Freedom Foundation Launches Book Club and Webinar Series

Fuel Freedom Campaign Dedicated to Creating a Choice at the Pump Launches Book Club and Webinar Series

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwire - Mar 28, 2013) - Fuel Freedom Foundation, a nonpartisan, nonprofit campaign dedicated to ending America's oil addiction through fuel market competition, today announced the launch of its book club and webinar series: "Fueling the Future."

Fuel Freedom Foundation advocates for an open fuel market so that cheaper, cleaner, American-made replacement fuels may compete fairly with gasoline at the pump. Competition will drive down transportation fuel prices, create jobs and promote innovation. By commercializing cheaper, cleaner and domestically produced replacement fuels, we can pave the way to freedom of choice for all consumers, strengthen the economy, relieve families from the burden of high gas prices, secure our nation from oil-producing adversarial countries and significantly reduce harmful air toxins.

The "Fueling the Future" book club and webinar series is part of a national effort to inform the public of the key issues surrounding America's oil dependency and to motivate public participation and discussion. The book club program will feature relevant, timely and thought-provoking book selections throughout the year. We have established a book club forum that provides members the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals, initiate discussions with members of their community and pose questions to leading industry experts.

Following the book reading and forum discussion, participants are invited to attend a webinar featuring the book's authors. In addition to the book club webinars, Fuel Freedom will host a variety of other webinars with industry professionals, energy experts and political leaders to discuss the feasibility of flex-fuel vehicles, the cost-benefit of alternative fuels and the positive macro-economic impact of oil independence. 

"We are storming into the national energy debate as American family budgets are being clobbered, yet again, by the high cost of oil. In an effort to influence and alter the national dialogue, our education and outreach programs, including the book club and webinar series, offer lively and engaging conversations and an opportunity to connect with members of your community and industry professionals all in one place. It is a platform to exchange ideas, learn about current events from energy experts and most importantly, to get a sense of the devastating consequences of our oil addiction and the viable replacements that offer a solution," said Ann Norman, Fuel Freedom Foundation vice president of communications. 

The Foundation's current book selection is "Petropoly: The Collapse of America's Energy Security Paradigm." In a no-holds-barred, fast-paced, information-packed sequel to "Turning Oil into Salt: Energy Independence through Fuel Choice," energy experts and co-directors of the Institute for Analysis of Global Security (IAGS), Gal Luft and Anne Korin, spell out the pitfalls of an oil market dominated by a cartel. 

The Washington Times said, "Ms. Korin and Mr. Luft's thinking is rooted in science, economics and politics and they display intellectual equity to other points of view that is refreshing and clarifying." The National Review calls the book "a muscular case for a Teddy Roosevelt-style solution: trust-busting." The webinar for "Petropoly," featuring Luft and Korin, will be held April 8, 2013 at 7 p.m. EDT.

"We believe the public would be interested to learn that simple, inexpensive modifications would enable most new vehicles on the road today to utilize readily available, abundant supplies of cost-effective replacement fuels, such as natural gas, methanol and ethanol. Fuel Freedom Foundation strongly believes in educating the public about the viability of replacement fuels and these newly formulated programs are one way of doing so. Fueling the Future promises to be an exciting, enlightening and valuable series. Only by addressing the problems with oil head-on can we find and enact solutions to free us of our dangerous oil addiction," said Fuel Freedom Foundation co-founder Yossie Hollander. 

Please visit to learn more about how you can join the Fueling the Future conversation, get involved, and help end America's addiction to oil.

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Fuel Freedom Foundation is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to breaking the U.S. economy's oil addiction by powering cars and trucks with cheaper, cleaner, healthier American replacement fuels. Consumers could easily convert their cars from running on gasoline to replacement fuels, but outdated regulations and entrenched commercial interests stand in the way. The Fuel Freedom campaign works to remove barriers to competition so that natural gas, methanol, ethanol and electricity can compete on equal footing with gasoline at the pump and the dealership. Achieving Fuel Freedom will lower fuel prices, create jobs, spur economic growth, reduce pollution, and improve national and global security. For more information go to the Foundation's website at; Facebook: FuelFreedomFoundation; and Twitter: @FuelFreedomNow.

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