November 21, 2011 08:00 ET

Fuhu Launches "Kiddified" Android Tablet at Toys"R"Us® Stores Nationwide and Online at

Introducing Nabi, the Everything Tablet That Grows With Kids -- With a Focus on Games, Movies, Learning, Reading and Creativity

EL SEGUNDO, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 21, 2011) -


  • Fuhu Inc. today announced Nabi -- the world's first, full-featured Android tablet and platform made especially for kids
    • It's available exclusively at the Toys"R"Us® and Babies"R"Us® stores and is available now for pre-order online at
    • Nabi includes more than $150 worth of pre-loaded games, music, apps and books, including 15 free games, 30 free books and 50 free songs from the Laurie Berkner Band
  • Nabi delivers a wide range of enriching experiences designed to foster imagination, discovery and learning. With the Nabi tablet, the experiences are limitless:
    • It's a Game Console
      • Nabi comes pre-loaded with several popular games, including Angry Birds, Need for Speed and Fruit Ninja
      • Nabi's 1.1GHz (533MHz X2 dual-core) Cortex-A9 CPU, capacitive multi-touch display and an embedded PowerVR SGX530 3D graphics processor deliver the ultimate gaming experience
      • Nabi will also be releasing additional game and movie cartridges from leading content providers
    • It's a Movie Theater
      • With Nabi, kids can immerse themselves in a best-in-class, multi-media experience -- easily loading content and streaming movies via Netflix or Roxio
      • Nabi's 7-inch WVGA, 800x480 ultra brilliant display and 1080p HDMI video playback give the best anytime, anywhere movie-viewing experience
    • It's a University
      • Fooz Kids University, which is exclusive to Nabi, is an award-winning math learning program that includes more than 22,000 common core, state standardized math curriculum skills for Pre-K through 5th grade
    • It's a Library
      • Nabi offers hundreds of children's books from award-winning authors -- including the Little Mermaid, Jack and Beanstalk and 3 Little Pigs
      • Nabi also includes read-a-long technology that features word highlighting and audio playback
    • It's an Art Studio
      • With Nabi users can explore their inner Picasso through several apps that let them draw, paint, create and enhance creativity
      • Additionally, users can take pictures and videos on Nabi and turn them into personal photo albums or books
  • Nabi grows with you over time ("It grows with you")
    • It's designed to advance with age and experience, allowing kids to choose from more than 500 apps, games and other content from the Nabi App Store
  • Nabi is the first "kiddified" tablet made especially for kids, but it's powerful and entertaining enough for adults (It's "Kiddified")
    • It's a full-featured Android tablet, not a AA battery-powered toy
    • With the tap of a button and entry of a parental password, parents can enter "Mommy Mode" for full access to the Web, app store, email and more
    • Moms can shop online at through the pre-loaded Toys"R"Us app
  • The Nabi experience can be personalized for each child ("It's mine")
    • It's customizable with a series of rubberized bumpers that include interchangeable arms, legs, heads and handles in a variety of colors and characters
  • It's a great value. Nabi is the right balance between performance (Gaming and Flash) and price. In addition to the features highlighted above, Nabi also includes:
    • A front-facing camera
    • 4GB of onboard storage and MicroSD card input
    • A 3,400mAH rechargeable lithium-polymer battery for up to 5 hours of continuous use
    • Support for Flash games, videos and websites with Flash 10
    • WiFi b/g

Fuhu CEO Jim Mitchell:
"We created Nabi as parents with young kids we'd relinquished our iPads to. We wanted them to have engaging experiences we didn't need to sit there and monitor, without dumbing down the tablet experience and having our kids still ask to use ours. We took everything kids wanted to do on an iPad and put it on Nabi in a purely kid-centric way."

Fuhu Founder & President Robb Fujioka: "As a full-featured Android tablet, Nabi has the core features you think about for a tablet -- touch-screen, WiFi, app store, gaming, movies, books -- but within a kiddified experience designed specifically for kids. We've taken our expertise at software and combined it with the best in the business to give kids a unique and engaging tablet."

Troy Peterson, Vice President, Divisional Merchandise Manager, Toys"R"Us, U.S.: "As part of the expansion of our electronics department, we're constantly introducing the newest gadgets for kids and parents. We're excited to be the exclusive retail partner for both the Nabi tablet and Nabi accessories, and we believe they will be a hit with our customers who are looking for a tablet geared specifically toward kids."


Fuhu, Inc., creators of the Nabi Pad, Fooz Kids, and urDrive, is a leading provider of cloud-served software, applications, and services that are dedicated to creating deep and engaging user experiences on a range of consumer devices. Products include urDrive, a preloaded software solution on select Kingston USB Flash Drives that provides "follow me" content; Spinlets Plus, a global PC and Android cloud-served music solution; and Fooz Kids, a downloadable application that kiddifies your computer with apps, controlled by parents. Fuhu's most recent unveiling is the Nabi tablet -- a full-featured Android tablet and platform, made especially for kids, available exclusively at Toys"R"Us. For more information, visit,, and



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