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August 08, 2012 09:00 ET

Full Force Sports Creams Powered by Double Helix Water Help Athletes Train Harder

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 8, 2012) - With the 2012 Summer Games in full swing, athletes across the globe are inspired to train harder to achieve their fitness goals. Intense workouts lead to longer recovery periods and as they do, many are turning to the Full Force Sports Creams Powered by Double Helix Water, a new sports cream that enables the body to have a hand in the recovery process, to assist in speedier recovery time.

The Full Force Sports Creams immerse the power of Double Helix Water, a high concentration of Stable Water Clusters that trigger the body's self-healing mechanism, into a base of all-natural, protective oils full of skin-essential vitamins and minerals. Armed with anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits, the oils help the Water in the Creams to quickly penetrate deep into sore, tired muscles, leading to faster recover time, increased stamina and more productive workouts. The Creams offer not only a higher concentration of Double Helix Water, but also the additional impact of acupressure and massage when applied directly to trouble areas.

"Whether it's helping with sore calves from a run, tight shoulders from heavy weightlifting or tender feet from a walk around the neighborhood, the new Full Force Sports Creams Powered by Double Helix Water offer athletes of all levels -- from professional athletes to Weekend Warriors -- the ability to get back to their activities quicker and live their healthiest, fittest lifestyle possible," said Cathy Perrou, Double Helix Water user and president of Cobalt Distribution, the exclusive distributor of Double Helix Water in North America.

As Double Helix Water offers overall internal support and the Creams provide relief to targeted areas, professional and amateur athletes alike will receive optimal results by taking the product in conjunction with one another. While Double Helix Water works best when taken over time, many find that taking additional dosages after a workout can help them get back to their favorite activities faster.

Full Force Sports Creams Powered by Double Helix Water are available in both eucalyptus and unscented options and are joined by three rejuvenating creams, including Full Spectrum Skin Cream Enriched with Double Helix Water: Unscented or Rosemary and Full Spectrum Face Cream Enriched with Double Helix Water with Avocado Oil.

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