October 28, 2011 06:19 ET

Full gNappies Range Arrives in the UK-Showcasing at the Baby Show

Combining Reusable and Disposable to Bring a Hybrid Nappy with Style

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Oct. 28, 2011) - gNappies, the inventors of the hybrid nappy category which combines reusable and disposable nappies, is showcasing its entire range at this year's Baby Show at Earl's Court in London. The full range of stylish nappy 'pants' which come in a range of colours, patterns and sizes is now available for purchase via a dedicated gNappies UK website.

Earth-friendly gNappies is the only 100 per cent certified biodegradable and plastic-free hybrid nappy. The system comprises washable cotton nappy pants and either 100 per cent biodegradable gRefills or washable gCloth. gRefills decompose in 50 – 100 days and can be disposed of with the domestic waste or a home compost – compared with a plastic disposable nappy which takes up to 500 years to decompose in landfill.

Kim Graham-Nye, who co-founded the company with her husband Jason, and was just named one of Fortune Magazine's Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs, said: "We're thrilled to be able to bring to the UK our full little gPants range for the first time via a dedicated website, so that parents who have chosen not to use disposable nappies have not just a viable alternative but a stylish one too. gNappies offers two options that can be used stand-alone or combined for convenience when needed, and the colours and patterns are super-cute – passing as clothing in warmer months and coordinating with outfits when the weather turns a bit colder!"

Around 690,000 babies are born every year in the UK, and on average a baby spends two and a half years in nappies. With only five per cent of UK parents using a non-disposable or cloth nappy option, that means an average of 11.2 million nappies enter UK landfill every day. gNappies is the first nappy to combine the best of both worlds so that parents can invest in one system that gives them two options dependent on their preference and time constraints.

Australians Kim and Jason Graham-Nye founded gNappies after discovering that conventional disposable nappies are the third largest contributors to landfill in the world, and yet only five per cent of the population uses them. They then discovered the world's first hybrid nappy and brought this new concept to Northern America and the UK.

Kim added: "Parents these days are definitely more eco-aware, and are looking for ways in which they can reduce their carbon footprint and invest in the future of the planet for the sake of their child - making their baby a green baby. The gNappies hybrid system makes the option more accessible to those parents that may not have previously considered eco-friendly nappies."

gNappies are available in all colours, patterns and sizes, including gBundles to get parents started, at The Baby Show takes place on 28th – 30th October and gNappies will be exhibiting at location/stand G5.

About gNappies

gNappies is also known as gDiapers in North America. The first new choice in nappies more than 40 years, gNappies is the best of cloth and disposable in one earth-friendly nappy. gNappies provides parents with a nappy solution that is good for babies, and the planet. Parents have the flexibility of a disposable option with a 100% biodegradable gRefill or they can opt for reusability of super soft and trim-fitting gCloth. gNappies are plastic-free, elemental chlorine free, latex free, and perfume free.

gNappies 100% biodegradable gRefills can be home composted or thrown away. gNappies are Cradle-to-Cradle certified which means that everything that goes into making a biodegradable gRefill gets reabsorbed by the planet in a neutral or helpful way. It's very cool.

Why gNappies?

'g' is for green, gorgeous, genuine, groovy, global, genius, grace, generous, golly gee, glee, garden,, grand, glow, goo goo, gem, giggle, gaily, gentle, grateful, ga ga, good, glimmer, and giddy... you get the idea.

About the founders

Kim and Jason Graham-Nye are from Australia. One day over breakfast, Jason and Kim Graham-Nye came across an interesting fact. They found that conventional disposable nappies are the third largest contributors to landfills in the world and yet only five percent of the population uses them. It was a fact of stunning proportion met by another amazing fact. A single disposable nappy can take up to 500 years to biodegrade in the landfill. At 60 nappies a week until toilet training kicks in compounded by the possibility of having more than one child, well, it was beyond comprehension. And then they discovered the world's first hybrid and brought this revolutionary new concept to the North American and now the UK. Jason and Kim Graham-Nye know everything there is to know about nappies. They can recite data in their sleep. Kim and Jason are now the proud parents of two boys, Fynn and Harper.

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