SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

August 13, 2009 13:28 ET

Fully Automatic Defrag Curtails Unnecessary Hardware Expenditures

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - August 13, 2009) - In the best of times, spending unnecessary money is an evil. For example, you couldn't just walk into your boss and say, "Hey, could you please put an executive lunchroom and chef right next door to my office? That way I won't have to take the elevator downstairs at lunchtime. Thanks!" Or perhaps, "My desk is getting a bit dusty. Can I get a new one? Teak would be nice." Just isn't going to happen.

In tough economic times, however, even the little extras disappear and it becomes a game of "make due with what you have." That squeaking chair is going to have to make it at least another quarter. That copy machine may not be the latest and fastest model, but it's going to have to work, and the administrative assistants will have to keep on manually stapling reports. The old riveter on the factory floor has broken down again, but we're going to have to patch it together just one more time.

A sometimes hidden unnecessary expense is computer hard drives. It's true that when a hard drive wears out, you have to replace it, and the finance executives may grimace but in the end they'll have to give in. Hard drives are caused to wear out more quickly, however, by a factor that is easily preventable.

That factor is file fragmentation, which can shorten hard drive life by 50 percent or more. Every time a file is requested, a read/write head must move across the disk platters and retrieve that file, and file fragmentation adds additional movements for every fragment. Because the free space on a drive is also fragmented, the same holds true for writing a file: the read/write head will have to keep moving until it has written all the fragments of a file in the free spaces available.

These unnecessary hard drive replacements can be virtually eliminated by the utilization of the right defrag technology. Diskeeper® fully automatic defrag consistently maintains hard drives in a fragmentation-free state, so that extra I/Os don't occur every time a file is requested or saved. Diskeeper Corporation's proprietary InvisiTasking® technology allows defrag to occur in real time, in the background, using only otherwise-idle resources. No scheduling is ever required and no negative performance effects ever occur due to defrag.

So while it may be necessary to replace some items, make sure those expenditures are genuinely needed. Diskeeper will cover your back on hard drives so that they achieve their expected life spans and the company isn't throwing away unnecessary funds.

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