SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

August 14, 2009 16:20 ET

Fully Automatic Defrag Means Fragmentation Gone Forever

Finally, File Fragmentation Can Be Crossed Off Your List as an Issue to Address

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - August 14, 2009) - It is wonderful when a malady that has been plaguing mankind for ages can be eliminated. Prior to the successful 1955 development of a vaccine, polio raged throughout the world, causing crippling effects wherever it infected the population. Following the release of the famous Salk vaccine, and then the Sabin vaccine in 1962, polio was rendered virtually nonexistent in industrialized countries. It is now not at all uncommon to encounter people who have never even heard of it, let alone seen a case of it.

Admittedly not nearly as dramatic, file fragmentation is nonetheless severely troubling and costly for anyone running a computer system. Existing as a natural part of the operating system, it will cause untold problems if left unchecked. Performance slows to a crawl, system and application hangs become more common, and hardware life is considerably shortened.

For many years, scheduled defrag was the solution of choice. But today, with systems that must remain constantly up and running, finding times to schedule defrag is a tough challenge. Additionally, fragmentation continues to compound and impact systems and user productivity in between the runs that can be scheduled.

Today, however, there is a solution that virtually eliminates file fragmentation as a problem: Diskeeper® fully automatic defragmentation.

"Before we started using Diskeeper on our Exchange cluster, the email system suffered from freeze ups and major database corruption issues," said Gretchen Gantzer, Network Admin with Canoga Perkins. "Since instituting Diskeeper, the freeze ups are history and the database corruption has not recurred. The complaints about the email system, which were frequent, are now almost non-existent."

"The automatic defrag option for drives and disk volumes is by far the greatest Diskeeper feature," agreed Jason Brown, Network Administrator with ServiceU Corporation. "The automatic defrag option for drives and disk volumes is the best way to ensure file fragmentation is always minimal. No manual defrags are ever required, and performance levels are constantly maintained at their highest due to having all our database files in contiguous drive space."

Diskeeper Corporation's proprietary InvisiTasking® micro-job technology allows defrag in real time, in the background, using only otherwise-idle resources. Scheduling is never needed, and there is never a negative performance hit on users. Performance and reliability are consistently maximized.

"Other then the initial install, I spend close to zero time with Diskeeper or worrying about fragmentation," Brown added. "I checked one of our nodes today and ran a manual analysis; there were a total of 3 fragments for 1 file out of 90,000+ on the system. That's what auto-defrag does for us."

For the first time in history, you can completely make fragmentation a thing of the past on your systems -- with Diskeeper.

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