SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

February 11, 2009 14:28 ET

Fully Automatic Defrag Prevents Glitches Where It Counts

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - February 11, 2009) - It's one thing to desire top performance and reliability from your computers, and everyone does. But when those computers are being used to manage billions of dollars in assets, the last thing you need are performance glitches, system hangs or disk crashes. In such a scenario, systems need to be fully reliable so that information is available accurately and quickly whenever it's needed.

File fragmentation is the number one enemy of performance and reliability, and is frequently the culprit for any of the symptoms listed above. This is true even when scheduled defragmentation -- for many years, the traditional defrag method -- is implemented. Many sites today are reporting that the effects of fragmentation are being felt despite the use of scheduled defrag. This is because in between scheduled runs, fragmentation is continuing to build. Also because many systems must be constantly up and running, scheduling is becoming increasingly difficult.

When reliability really counts, enterprises are turning to Diskeeper® 2009 for fully automatic defragmentation. Diskeeper defragments invisibly, in the background, so that systems are consistently defragmented and performance never suffers.

"We utilize Diskeeper on our major systems that include our Property Tax Management System, Criminal Justice Information System and our County Finance Management System which are used to manage 5 billion dollars in assets and a 26 million dollar operating budget," said Kenneth R. Miller, Director of Grayson County Information Technology in Sherman, Texas. "Diskeeper helps us maintain our servers in top running condition by ensuring file fragmentation is held to an absolute minimum, mostly zero. This results in a continuous maximum performance for file searching and retrievals by both our County offices as well as the public."

The key to Diskeeper software's operation lies in its proprietary InvisiTasking® technology. InvisiTasking allows Diskeeper to utilize only otherwise-idle resources. There is never a negative performance hit from defragmentation, and no scheduling is ever required. Performance and reliability are always maximized.

"I use the analogy that computers are very sloppy housekeepers because they pull files from drawers then throw them on the floor when finished," said Miller. "After a while it starts taking a long time to sort through that mess to find files you're looking for. Diskeeper is our digital janitor that constantly runs around picking up the files that get tossed on the floor and places them back where they belong."

When data integrity and system reliability are crucial, Diskeeper software's fully automatic defragmentation is a must.

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