SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

December 11, 2008 15:10 ET

Fully Automatic Defrag Slashes Maintenance Times

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - December 11, 2008) - For many sites today, "maintenance" has almost become a dreaded word. This isn't because maintenance tasks are bad or shouldn't be done -- far from it. It's simply that because so many systems must remain up and running 24x7, finding the time for maintenance tasks is a tough assignment. Such tasks should be fully automated so they can operate while a system is up and running and if not, then their run times should be made as short as possible.

Two examples of such vital tasks are virus scans and backups. With computer virus and malware propagation at an all-time high, computers must be regularly scanned to keep them safe. In order to maintain vital company data that data must be securely backed up as often as possible.

But both these essential actions can be severely impacted -- and in some cases completely impeded -- by file fragmentation. In fact any application or utility that must access each file on a system will have its run lengthened by having to access each and every fragment of a file. This is especially true if files are fragmented into hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of fragments (not at all uncommon in today's computing environments). Severe fragmentation can cause backups to unexpectedly abort and other tasks such as anti-virus to substantially exceed the times that have been allotted for them.

Defragmentation of all files on a drive will greatly decrease the run times of both anti-virus and backup applications -- but if the wrong defrag technology is used, it will be like trying to put out a fire with gasoline. Scheduled defrag, for example, means that you have to find yet another maintenance window. Fragmentation is also not fully addressed, in between those scheduled runs it continues to mount and to slow down your anti-virus scans and backups.

The only real solution is the fully automatic defrag provided by Diskeeper® software. Diskeeper Corporation's proprietary InvisiTasking® technology allows defragmentation to occur in real-time, in the background, whenever otherwise-idle resources are available. Because defragmentation occurs consistently and invisibly no scheduling is ever required and there is never a negative performance hit from defrag.

While providing maximum performance and reliability to your systems, Diskeeper software eliminates the need for scheduling defrag. It also greatly reduces the run times needed for anti-virus scans and backups. It is the best solution for improving maintenance schedules all around.

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