SOURCE: Diskeeper Corporation

September 23, 2009 11:28 ET

Fully Automatic Defrag: Take Attention Fully Off Performance

BURBANK, CA--(Marketwire - September 23, 2009) - It's nice when an issue has been troubling you for a long while, then something happens which means you don't have to worry about it from now on. Maybe the clearest example of that would be the family that's struggled for years just to make ends meet, make the mortgage payment, keep the kids in clothes and keep cars running to get to and from work. One day the wife, on a lark, buys a lottery ticket. She wins millions. "Struggling for survival" is something that family can now cross off their list of anxiety sources.

It's a different sort of struggle in the IT department, but it's certainly a struggle nonetheless. There is always a mountain of issues to address, such as keeping the database up and responding, making sure backups are occurring, seeing to it that hardware is fully functional and keeping network traffic flowing smoothly. Such a "to-do" list doesn't even include seeking out and implementing new technology or meeting IT goals set by management.

One item that seems to be a consistent nag -- even as all the others come and go -- is system performance. It seems that there are always complaints of slow access, backups that have taken overly long or have failed, or particular processes hanging. The common cause of such performance issues is file fragmentation -- and such issues will continue, even with a fragmentation "solution" in place, unless the right defrag technology is employed.

The correct technology is Diskeeper® fully automatic defrag.

"Diskeeper has extended the life of our storage assets and changed the business focus to storage capacity rather than storage performance," said Jason Lantis, Network Administrator for Loud Technologies in Woodinville, Washington. "That change alone has the pleasant side effect of reducing, if not eliminating altogether, HelpDesk requests about system performance."

Diskeeper's proprietary InvisiTasking® technology allows defrag to occur on the fly, in the background, so that fragmentation is never an issue. There is never a negative impact on users from defrag, and scheduling is never required.

"Since getting Diskeeper I have discovered some of our servers were not in the shape I thought they were in, and Diskeeper has helped me clean them up," said Mike Lamar, Network Administrator with Northwest Mississippi Community College in Senatobia, Mississippi. "When we got Diskeeper, the servers were completely fragmented. Now they are in a much better state and I don't even have to manage them."

Diskeeper definitely means crossing one very broad issue -- system performance and reliability problems related to fragmentation -- off the IT list forever.

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