SOURCE: FurstPerson


June 30, 2014 10:00 ET

FurstPerson Transforms Pre-Employment Assessments With Release of FurstPerson Analytics

Company Brings Greater Transparency to Talent Acquisition Process, Enabling Employers to Make Well-Informed, Prescriptive Hiring Decisions

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Jun 30, 2014) - FurstPerson, a Chicago-based provider of talent assessment solutions, today announced the release of FurstPerson Analytics, an innovative new solution that enables companies to combine real-time performance data and candidate assessments to make better hiring decisions across the enterprise.

Although HR is the only corporate function dedicated exclusively to maximizing the value of their company's employees, factors like inaccurate information, fragmented systems and a bevy of myths and assumptions can mask the effectiveness of talent-based processes, particularly when determining who to hire. FurstPerson Analytics solves this problem by simplifying the multitude of HR data and systems into a single, fully customizable dashboard that reveals current performance and future opportunities. As a result, HR professionals can capitalize on employment lifecycle data, make better informed workforce decisions and modify their talent strategies to drive competitive differentiation.

Designed for large-size businesses with complex hiring needs, FurstPerson Analytics provides company executives, managers and corporate recruiters with greater transparency into the pre-employment assessment process, enabling strategic talent planning and decision making. FurstPerson Analytics can be integrated directly with the performance management system and leverages the company's actual performance and attrition data to help companies answer critical business questions, such as which recruiting sources provide the highest quality job candidates, how the hiring process identifies top performers, how scoring model changes impact quality of hire and fill rate, and the personal qualities most strongly related to job performance.

With the release of FurstPerson Analytics, FurstPerson has transformed the assessment function, a process that has typically been relegated to spreadsheets that utilized data that could be anywhere from six months to a year old. The solution leverages real-time data to give employers instant visibility to manage the hiring process. As a result, FurstPerson Analytics enables companies to hire talented individuals based on actual data, rather than going with gut instincts or basing their decisions on outdated or irrelevant information.

Additional features of FurstPerson Analytics include:

  • Full customization: Employers can tailor the solution to meet their unique hiring needs by creating different role-based assessment scoring metrics for each job and ensuring candidates are measured against the specific skills needed for their different positions.
  • Interactive dashboards: Through robust, user-friendly dashboards and scorecards with drill-down capabilities, users gain the real-time, in-depth insight to make key talent decisions that drive their business forward.
  • Decision modeling: With the opportunity to perform what-if scenarios, employers can see what would happen if they adjust their assessment scoring criteria, such as raising the passing score, to create a smaller and more qualified candidate pool.
  • Enhanced notifications: Users of FurstPerson Analytics can easily customize data processing actions to create alerts against pre-defined targets and goals, facilitating the process of identifying right-fit talent.

"Companies continue to compete using the customer experience as a point of differentiation, which makes each hire critical to their business. As such, employers need a toolkit that creates transparency so they can understand how well their hiring processes are working," said Jeff Furst, CEO of FurstPerson. "With the release of FurstPerson Analytics, we're helping more organizations establish visibility into their hiring process so they can use their own performance data to make the important hiring decisions that lead to greater business success."

About FurstPerson
FurstPerson, the market leader in data-driven talent solutions for hiring employees of the service economy, is transforming how companies measure, hire, and develop frontline talent. FurstPerson designs custom hiring and development solutions that measure each person holistically by drawing on a suite of award-winning assessments, realistic job auditions, and behavioral interviews. A pioneer in workforce analytics, FurstPerson creates transparency through online analytics' dashboards that allow every customer to understand how well their solution is performing each day. The cumulative impact of FurstPerson's people, processes, and products is reflected in FurstPerson's customers' year-over-year improvements in service levels, support resolution, and sales growth.