Avation plc

October 01, 2010 05:15 ET

Further re Admission to Official List

                                                                                   01 October 2010

                                            AVATION PLC
                                   ("AVATION" or "THE COMPANY")

                               AVATION MOVE TO LSE STANDARD LISTING

The  Board of Avation Plc, the specialist aircraft leasing business, quoted on the PLUS market  is
pleased  to announce that it is proceeding with its proposed move from the PLUS-quoted  market  to
the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange ("LSE") as a Standard Listing and has today published
its prospectus in this regard.

The  Company's Ordinary Shares are expected to be admitted to and commence trading on the  LSE  on
6th   October  2010  ("Admission").  The  prospectus  can  be  found  on  the  Company's   website
www.avation.net/prospectus or a hard copy can be obtained from the Company or its advisors.

All  the Ordinary Shares of the Company will be withdrawn from quotation on the PLUS-quoted market
when  trading  on  the LSE commences. Following Admission it is intended that the Ordinary  Shares
will also be capable of being traded through the PLUS-traded platform.

The dealing codes for the Ordinary Shares on the LSE will be as follows:

    -       ISIN: GB00B196F554
    -       Ticker/Symbol: AVAP

This  announcement is made pursuant to Rule 71 and Appendix 7 of the PLUS Rules  for  Issuers  and
sets  out  the  Company's  intention to withdraw its securities from the PLUS-quoted  market.  The
Company has made application for its shares to be admitted to the Official List and to trading  on
the  LSE  as a Standard Listing. Accordingly, pursuant to paragraph (f) of Appendix 7 of the  PLUS
Rules  for Issuers, no shareholder approval is required for the withdrawal of its securities  from
the PLUS-quoted Market.

Chairman Jeff Chatfield commented:

"The  Company's  balance sheet has grown significantly since admission to PLUS in  November  2006.
Whilst  this  is  good, we feel that the current share price doesn't truly reflect  the  Company's
value.  We  believe  a  move to the Main Market should promote a greater correlation  between  the
Company's financial performance and its share price and also improve market liquidity.

"Additionally, the profile of Avation will be raised, facilitating growth and, in being a  company
on  the Main Market, the Board considers that raising new debt or equity finance, if required,  in
the future will be easier than had the Company remained on PLUS."

             The Directors take responsibility for the contents of this announcement.



AVATION PLC:                                                        07783 942 553
Jeff Chatfield, Chairman

ADVISOR:                                                            020 7628 1128
Dr Frank Lucas, Loeb Aron & Company

MEDIA:                                                              020 7562 3350
Nick Rome, Laura Stevens
Bishopsgate Communications



Avation's  main  activity  is  the  leasing  of commercial  aircraft.  Directly  and  through  its
subsidiaries,  the  Company leases twelve commercial passenger jet aircraft which  are  leased  to
various airlines across Europe, the United States and Australia.

The Company was formed via a special dividend from Skywest Airlines Ltd with shares distributed in
specie  to all of the then Skywest Airlines Ltd shareholders. The Company was incorporated  on  11
July 2006  with  the  intention  of  supporting Skywest Airlines  Ltd  by  providing  aircraft leasing
facilities and continues to do so.

The  Company  has two wholly owned subsidiaries, F100 Pty Ltd and MSN 429 Limited, both  of  whose
principal activities are the leasing of aircraft. F100 Pty Ltd was incorporated in Australia on 15
November  2006 [as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company]. MSN 429 Limited was incorporated  in
England and Wales on 24 March 2010 [as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company].

Additionally, the Company has a 51.18% holding in Capital Lease Aviation PLC ("CLA") whose  shares
are  admitted to trading on AIM. Prior to CLA's pre-admission fundraising round in July  2007,  it
was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company. CLA is an aircraft leasing company whose focus is on
a different customer base to the Company;  CLA has two wholly owned aircraft leasing subsidiaries,
Capital Lease Australian Portfolio One Pty Ltd and Capital Lease Malta Limited.

The   Company   also   owns   99.96%   of  Avation.net  Inc.,   a   subsidiary   incorporated   in
Delaware which operates a procurement business supplying  airlines and broadcasters.

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