SOURCE: Future360; CNS Response

Future360; CNS Response

October 02, 2014 09:29 ET

Future360.TV Showcases Breakthrough Mental Health Technology in Latest Video

ALISO VIEJO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 2, 2014) - Future360.TV has produced a new video featuring CNS Response's PEER Online technology. PEER Online is a cloud-based platform that promises to revolutionize the field of psychiatry, allowing physicians to exchange outcome data referenced to their patients' neurophysiology in order to increase the success rate of treatment. The platform provides physicians with objective data that guides the treatment of mental health issues using EEG readings, a common and non-intrusive measure of brain function, paired with outcome data of prescription medications and cognitive therapies.

Over 84 peer-reviewed studies of the technology used in PEER show its efficacy among patients with difficult histories of treatment response. Objective data is a vital resource to the field of psychiatry, an area long thought to be more subjective in its treatment methods when compared with traditional medicine. PEER has doubled the previously established trial-and-error success rate of mental health treatment, to more than 60%.

Future360 chose to highlight CNS's PEER Online because of its incredible potential as a breakthrough technology for the field of psychiatry, and the impact it has already had on veterans suffering from PTSD. Currently, CNS Response and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center are trialing PEER technology in the treatment of 2,000 veterans with PTSD and other psychological disorders. It is estimated that 20% of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have PTSD. In addition to military uses, PEER is a vital tool for the treatment of more than 30 million Americans on antidepressants or anxiety medications at any given time, demonstrating that the need for this technology is immense, and growing.

About CNS Response
CNS Response provides reference data and analytic tools for clinicians and researchers in psychiatry. While treatment for mental disorders has doubled in the last 20 years, it is estimated that 17 million Americans have failed two or more medication therapies for their mental disorders. The company's Psychiatric EEG Evaluation Registry, or PEER Online, is a new registry and reporting platform that allows medical professionals to exchange treatment outcome data for patients referenced to objective neurophysiology data obtained through a standard electroencephalogram (EEG). Based on the company's original physician-developed database, there are now more than 38,000 outcomes for 9,800 unique patients in the PEER registry. The objective of PEER Online is to avoid trial and error pharmacotherapy which is the dominant approach for treatment resistant patients.

To read more about the benefits of this patented technology for patients, physicians and payers, please visit Medical professionals interested in learning more can contact CNS Response at

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